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Know Your Ring: Carbon Fiber

How are you feeling, oh great and mighty Broman of the North (or South, or whatever cardinal direction you are from)? Is everything well for you? You seem a bit sluggish… As if you need a bit more fiber in your life.

Yeah… It was a lame attempt at juvenile bathroom humor, but we just couldn't help ourselves

No, today's lesson isn't about proper dietary habits. We aren't talking that kind of fiber. Today, it's all about one of our favorite new inlays for our Founder's Line: Carbon Fiber. This little scientific miracle already has a place of importance in a whole slew of manufacturing applications, and now, we are proud to offer it as an inlay option for some kickass Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands.

Crack a cold one and get comfy my friends. It's Time To "Know Your Ring!"

What's The History Of Carbon Fiber?

Trying to condense the history of Carbon Fiber (and eventually, Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings,) into a tiny space like this is just not feasible. Just take a look here at how many countries, companies, and names are listed in the sizable past of Carbon Fiber

For those of you who prefer your leisure time reading to be a little less dry, a little more explody, and a little heavier on the crude humor - we shall rephrase one small section, so you don't HAVE to read the whole article. Thomas Freaking Edison (that was his middle name, right?) was one of the first pioneers in the creation of Carbon Fiber. He nuked cotton threads and bamboo slivers at high temperatures, carbonizing them into an all-carbon fiber filament, ready to be fried by some good ol' electricity for the first incandescent light bulbs. How's that for a manly entrance?

Since then, countless companies in countless industries have poured time and money into finding cheaper and better ways to produce high-quality Carbon Fiber. Why? Oh-ho, now we're getting to the good stuff!

What Is Carbon Fiber Like?

Let's start with the fact that Carbon Fiber has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any manufactured material in the world. It's 12 (yes, a full 12-pack) times lighter than gold, but with a level of toughness that will still knock you right out of your boxers… should you be wearing a pair.

That type of lightweight strength has a lot of uses across the board. Formula 1 Racing, aerospace engineering, competitive cycling... A whole slew of industries want the type of toughness Carbon Fiber offers without the weight heavier materials bring to the party. Sure, Carbon Fiber isn't mighty Titanium, but that's a good thing when you talk weight. It doesn't matter how durable it would be: A full Titanium race car just ain't going to move quickly. And as that one actor in that one movie said: "I wanna go fast!"

Why Is Carbon Fiber Cool?

The point of it all is this: If you are looking for an awesome looking inlay for your Manly Wedding Ring, Carbon Fiber must be on the shortlist. Now, we love our Wood Wedding Rings and our Antler Wedding Bands around here, partly because they helped build this crazy little company called Manly Bands. And for the guy who doesn't need to worry about his ring facing some serious stress and strain, they make for some pretty badass options. But they don't take too kindly to copious amounts of water, or impact, and that just doesn't work for everybody.

We've had the "Great Weight Debate" several times across the site, and for some guys, a hefty piece of Titanium awesomeness is a great fit. That heft, that feel, it just works for the guy whose hands don't often need to be too limber and unhindered. Then again, for some other guys that weight gets in the way of rebuilding that motor, or typing that next best-selling novel. They need something that won't bog them down.

For both scenarios, Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands work. Not to mention, Carbon Fiber just looks cool as hell! The inlays for our Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings are woven from 12 separate strands, resulting in a pattern you just can't get from any other material. Not to mention, Carbon Fiber offers two different color variations, so you have options when it comes to your personal brand of swagger.

Plus, Carbon Fiber plays nice with whatever types of gemstones you might be inclined to add to your ring, and happily takes on whatever personal engraving you want on the inside, be it a stylish rendition of your manly initials, or some sort of falcon/dragon hybrid drawn extra tiny… Ok, maybe that last one is pushing it too far. But you get the point!

Not to mention, since Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands are so tough and durable, you don't really need to worry about any special care or cleaning. Your normal day-to-day hand washing will be fine, and whatever actual jewelry cleaning method you (or more likely, your spouse-to-be) uses will get the job done without an issue. And we all know how much you need something stress-free right now, oh Groom-To-Be.

And there you have it: Carbon Fiber in a nutshell. It's tough, it's lightweight, and it is flippin' sweet. So check out our selection of Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands, and the rest of our awesome Founder's Line, and get some "Fiber on your finger."

… And probably in your diet too… It's good for you.

We'll see you next time for another edition of "Know Your Ring."