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Gunmetal is about more than the sexy thrill of a quality firearm. Gunmetal is about industry, hard work, and building the world the rest of us live in. It's about using your Manly hands to craft that which we rely on every day, even when the work isn't so sexy. It has a sleek and stunning appearance, but never forgets its roots in the real world. Just like you, Gunmetal knows how awesome it is, and how awesome it looks, but it doesn't let it go to its head. Gunmetal is the color for a true down-to-earth brand of Manly Man. There is no time for a big head when you're raising skyscrapers, building the next great automobile, or forging the very tools your fellow Gunmetal Guys need to make their magic happen. So grab yourself a Gunmetal Ring as awesome-yet-humble as you are, and keep crafting greatness.