How to Buy the Right Ring for the Right Dad

The opportunity for adventure is always knocking at this Dad’s door. Maybe he’s a mountain climber. Maybe he’s a nature photographer. Or maybe he ignores his GPS and finds his own way home, seeking dark alleys and dirt roads. Whatever it is, he’s always the first to say “Let’s do it!”. He deserves a ring that matches his moxie.

To you, he's Dad but to everyone else, he's Coach. He calls people "Champ" and he is the KING of Super Bowl Sunday parties. For him, there is no such thing as off-season because there's always a game to watch or a match to win, even if it's just a round of rowdy ping pong. These rings go with his competitive edge.

The Mantle

black zirconium $750

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The Tiger

black zirconium $750

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The Iron Horse

cobalt chrome $750

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The Chamberlain

titanium $500

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This guy knows a thing or two about expressing himself. Sometimes he does it through painting, other times through a jam session on his drum set. Whatever he does, it’s freakin’ epic. Heck—even his Sunday morning pancakes are works of art. He handforges his own bottle openers and can draft a romantic sonnet when the time comes. Get him one of these rings that are just as artsy as he is.

Those famous business tycoons are overrated—this Dad teaches all you need to know about the entrepreneur world. He’s mastered many ventures, from his humble landscape company to his internet startup. He laughs in the face of failure and  is always able to dust himself off after any setback. Pick one of these savvy rings to go with his steadfast determination.

When this Dad’s in the driver’s seat, you know it…you clutch the arm rest, hold your breath and watch him take on every curve in the road like a freakin’ pro. Life never slows down, so why should he? This Dad thrives in the fast lane, so get him one of these rings that are definitely worthy of first place.

This Dad is an enigma, an eccentric and maybe a little quirky. His interests are many and his style is undefinable. Not to mention he’s a pretty snazzy dancer. NOBODY has moves like him. And nobody has rings like these either. They may just be the statement your Dad needs to stir things up.

The Angler

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tungsten $250

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The Mandarin

damascus steel $1,000

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The Lecomte

damascus steel $750

When it comes to whiskey, this Dad’s not a snob—he’s a connoisseur. He’s got a refined palette and casks of knowledge about every Scotch or Bourbon out there. His ideal Friday night is a quiet evening at home sipping a single-malt whiskey from a crystal highball glass. So get him one of these rings made with whiskey barrels. Who knows—he may crack open the fancy stuff to share with you this year.

This Dad is wise, reliable and always ready to toss out a lame joke or two. He may even have the Dad Jeans, Dad Hat and the Dad Bod to go with them. He’s the Dad ‘50s sitcom families WISHED they had. Forget the cheesy mug that says he’s a “#1 Dad” and get him one of these rings instead.

This Dad is truly down-to-earth. He takes his time, enjoys the little things and is perfectly content camped out for the weekend in his cozy cabin with a good book, a fine cigar and view of the forest. He’s classy with a love for the great outdoors, a perfect combination for these sophisticated wood rings.

When this Dad tells a tale, everyone shuts up and listens. They know it will not only be a good story, but they’ll probably laugh, cry and learn a life lesson or two. This guy’s got a wall of degrees, a closet of leather biker jackets and conducts orchestras on his days off. There’s NOBODY like this Dad. So get him a ring that has no equal by customizing one just for him. He deserves it.