I know we're buddies, but first let's talk business...

Size Exchange Fees: 
Founder's Line, Gentleman's Reserve - 1 (one) free size exchange during the first 30 days. Additional size exchanges will incur a remake fee of 15% of the original retail price. 
Custom Rings - 1 (one) free size exchange during the first 30 days. 

Return Restocking Fees:
Founder's Line, Gentleman's Reserve - Within the first 30 days you can return your ring as long as it has NOT been engraved. There will be $30 restocking fee. 
Custom or Customized (aka engraved) Rings - Final Sale

Not sure which size to pick next? No worries. Grab your Manly Ring Sizer and call us.  Together, we can figure it out: 877-250-9500.  Also check out this page if the phone is not your thing: Ring Sizing Help





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