So tell me about SHIPPING! How much and how long?

Standard Ring Shipping Rates (Domestic):
All rings ship FREE (5-10 business days)*
Ring sizers/birch boxes: $3 shipping  (5-10 business days)

Expedited shipping Rates (Domestic):
USPS Priority Mail (3-5 business days): $8
Fed Ex Standard Overnight (1 business day) $60 

Important Shipping Deets:
Fed Ex: Please be advised that Fed Ex does NOT count Saturday or Sunday as shipping days. So if you order on a Thursday for overnight shipping, and we ship the next day (Friday), you will not get your package until Monday. 

Processing time: Please note we do NOT ship on Saturdays, Sundays, and U.S. Holidays and please allow 1-2 business days for order processing. 

If your wedding is in a week or less, choose OVERNIGHT SHIPPING for your ring!!! We cannot guarantee free shipping will get it there in time. 

Founder's Line:
Approx 4 weeks lead time. These come with FREE Domestic Fed Ex 3-day shipping and signature is required. More here.

Custom Rings:
Approx 5-6 weeks lead time. These come with FREE Domestic Fed Ex 3-day shipping and signature is required. More here

How much is international shipping?

International shipping 
FREE Standard Shipping: All rings ship FREE. We use DHL and it takes up to 21 days to arrive.

Expedited Shipping with Fed Ex: If you are in a time crunch, we STRONGLY recommend this option at checkout. Rates are generally $20-$40, depending on your location.

FREE shipping on orders over $75 = approximately 14-21 business days
Fed Ex = approximately 2-4 business days

Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing and please note we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, and U.S. holidays.

There may be some small Vat taxes or duty fees, depending on your country but they should not be large fees. If you get a big bill (over $40 USD), please do let us know! Also your customs department may hold up shipping. Please be aware of the possibility of that delay if your timing is tight. We also have an expedited shipping option with Fed Ex.

More on everything international (ordering, shipping, ring sizing, returns, etc) here.

Can I Return or Exchange my ring?

We have been there and we know how important it is that you find the right one for you - oh wow...that works on so many levels...

You have 30 days from the date of delivery to exchange or return your ring. You may change out your size, width, style, or simply return. Please note we have a $30 restocking fee for returns. Exchanges do NOT incur a restocking fee.

**Please note: All rings must be in clean, "unworn," and salable condition to be accepted for return or exchange. We reserve the right to charge a damage fee on any rings returned with excessive scratching or other abuse. Follow the care instructions on the postcard included in your shipment.**

If your purchase is a final sale, no returns or refunds are allowed (i.e. ring sizer, free promotional item, silicone ring, birch box, etc) 

Need to exchange more than once in 30 days? Need one more size to try to get it just right? No problem. We just ask that you pay for the shipping/handling both ways on any subsequent exchanges. We will invoice you, then will provide a shipping label, and then we can track everything both ways.

For more information on Returns & Exchanges, and in depth coverage of policy check out the links below:

Standard Rings

Founder's & Custom Rings

International Orders

What happens if I want to Exchange or Return past 30 days?

Sorry bro, no Returns past 30 days. You wouldn't want to wear some other dude's tired ol' wedding band - so please get it back on time, and in "unworn" salable condition, if it's not "the one."

Can I return my Manly Ring Sizer?

Ring Sizers are FINAL SALE and not eligible for return. Please pass on to a friend if you are done with yours and have no further use for it.

For the full instructions on either exchanging or returning rings within the U.S., click here.

Custom and Engraving?

Rings: We ONLY do engraving on our Founder's Line and Custom Rings. If you are ordering one of our standard rings (under $300) and would like it engraved, the best thing to do is find a local jeweler who will do your engraving for a small fee. We do NOT recommend getting a plated ring engraved (i.e. The CEO, Instigator, Gentleman, Baller, Blue Steel, MVP, Journeyman, Whiz, etc). This weakens the plating, causing chipping, and therefore will void your warranty. The best rings for engraving are plain tungsten or titanium (Hero, Savant, Architect, Mr. Kensington, etc.). Most rings come with a Manly Bands logo engraving on them. Exceptions to this are rings with wood inserts. 

Ring sizing?

For everything about ring sizing, click here.

For our international sizing chart, click here.

For our Manly Ring Sizer, click here.


Every ring from our Standard line (original retail price of $300 or under) comes with a FREE One (1) year Limited Warranty. Check out more information, including exceptions here.

Every ring from our Founder's and Custom line (made to order rings over original retail price of $350) comes with a FREE Lifetime Limited Warranty. Check out more information, including exceptions here.

Do you have Financing Options?

Yes - we offer a great "3 easy payments" deal with Affirm. It's 3 payments over 3 months with 0% interest! So gives you a little more wiggle room to get what you really want :) You can select this option by clicking "Affirm" near the credit card options at checkout to get more information and sign up to take advantage of that hot deal.

If for some reason you need to return your ring for a refund, follow our regular return procedure, and Affirm will handle any reimbursement/stop future payments. Please check out their website for additional information on how they process refunds.

Gold Plated vs Solid Gold?

Many of our standard line rings (those $300 and under) are made with gold plating.  This is what makes the price tag so much less expensive than solid gold alloy. Essentially it is a tungsten or black zirconium ring dipped in gold, and gold itself does tend to fade over time as it mixes with your skin’s oils.

Solid Gold will oxidize a little over time but it will never fade the way gold plating does. The price tag is certainly higher, but Solid Gold is made to last and does retain it's value, unlike it's plated friend.

Long term, plated jewelry will need more care that Solid Gold. With all plated jewelry, you’ll want to take it to a local jeweler about every 2 years or so and have it re-plated. This is usually a nominal fee. You will also want to keep it away from harsh chemicals (bleach, Lysol, hand sanitizer) as those will fade the gold plating faster than normal. If the plating is wearing after less than a year, that is covered under our one year no hassle warranty, so we are happy to replace it. More on the warranty here. 

To learn a whole ton more about gold plated vs. gold alloy jewelry, please see here.

I ordered the wrong thing. Can I cancel?

The fastest way to cancel an order is to email: hello@manlybands.com. Our phone lines are crazy busy and the email team is amazing - and usually able to respond fastest. Just know that our warehouse team is sometimes crazy fast but as long as it hasn't shipped out, we are more than happy to cancel or modify your order as needed. 

Do you guys make women's rings?!

While many of our rings can be worn by any gender, we do not specifically make traditional women's wedding bands. The Poet can pair nicely with many of our other rose gold rings like the Gentleman, Instigator, Whiz, Journeyman, etc, if you're looking for something simple and elegant. Also the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is a favorite amongst the ladies. Know that we can also create most anything in our custom department.

We also recommend our buddies who do amazing custom women's rings at Statice Jewelry and if you mention "Manly Bands," you'll get a sweet $250 off. Check them out here.

Also our buds at Bip and Bop are starting to make some beautiful women's stacking bands in addition to their super gorgeous bridesmaid gifts. Use code "MANLY" for 15% off anything on their site.

I have a Nickel Allergy. What rings are good for that?

No problem. Our pure wood rings and titanium rings are going to be your best bet. Tungsten has nickel in it, so avoid those please:)

Where are you located/can I come into a store?

We are an online only retailer. Our corporate offices are in NW Florida and our warehouse is in Memphis, TN.  Shipments go out from the warehouse in Memphis. 

Are your wood and antler rings Waterproof?

Our standard wood and antler rings (not Founder's Line or Custom Rings) are water-resistant but not waterproof, as you will find with all real wood rings on the market. Our jeweler seals the wood in with a jewelry resin but they are not meant to wear in the shower and in the pool/lake/ocean. They will not fall into pieces after one shower, but please don't make it a habit.**Obvious submerged water damage to your wood ring will void your no hassle one year warranty**

Founder's Line and Custom Ring wood and antler rings are made with wood and sealant that is more resilient to water than our standard line rings. We still do recommend that you keep a wood ring out of submerged water (pool, ocean, lake, bath, etc) but showering with it is fine. Because these rings are made with more premium materials, they carry a FREE Limited Lifetime warranty, we will replace or repair any damage to a Founder's or Custom wood ring.   

What kind of metals do you have?

Check out more info on our metals here.