The Information below is for "Ready to Ship" Rings for U.S. Returns and Exchanges only. This includes APO addresses!

For International Returns and Exchanges, click HERE.

For Founders, Gentleman's Reserve or Custom "Made to Order" Rings, click HERE.

How BEST to do an EXCHANGE or RETURN (U.S. only)

You have 30 days to do this!

We understand sizing can be a subtle but very very important thing to get right. No worries - we've got your back! You have 30 days from your original delivery date to switch it up if it's not a perfect fit.

Or maybe you decided your Manly Band isn't for you. How dare you! Just kidding:). You still have 30 days to return. You will be refunded within 10 days of us receiving your package back, minus a small $30 restocking fee.


1. Need a new size? Read the below to brush up on all your Manly Sizing needs. Wanna get straight to the return portion of our chat? Skip to STEP 2.

It's too BIG:

  • If you shake your hand and it stays on (does not cross over the knuckle), exchange for a half size down and it should be perfect! EXAMPLE: You have a size 10, then go for a 9.5.
  • If you shake your hand and the ring comes flying off, you are AT LEAST a whole size off, if not more and it's best NOT to guess. Head to a jeweler to get resized or size yourself at home with the Manly Ring Sizer. 
 It's too SMALL:
  • If it is too snug but you can get it over your knuckle, go a half size up.  EXAMPLE: You have a size 10, then go for a size 10.5
  • If it is too snug, but you cannot get it over your knuckle, you will need to get resized as you are at least a whole size off. Try the Manly Ring Sizer, to do it at home or head to your local jeweler.


2. Go to to start your exchange OR return.

Just enter the order number, plus the shipping zip code, click the "start a return" button, and choose the item you want to exchange or return! 

3. Exchange that ring, bro

Just switching out the size? No problem. Simply click the "exchange for new width/ring size" button. Pick your new size. Then sit back, relax and wait for your new ring to arrive. But remember...we still need that old ring back before the next one will ship out - so don't forget to send your old ring back! :) (See Step 4)

Want a different ring? We got you. Just hit the "return item" button, choose the reason you're returning, then click the "continue with return" button. Then "shop now" and pick out the Manly Band of your choice. If it's a little more dough (or a little less), you're still just a couple clicks away from your new ring. Smoother than a nice glass of Johnny Blue. don't forget to send your old ring back so we can get the new one coming to you! :) (See Step 4)

Need to return? Bummer, man. Just hit the ol' "return item" button, choose the reason you're returning, then click the "continue with return" button.  And then click "no thanks" Don't wanna pay that restocking fee? Choose store credit! Or you can get a refund back to your card. Refunds are processed within 10 days of receiving your don't forget to send that puppy back! (See Step 4)

4. Send Your Old Ring Back

Quick tips to streamline your exchange or return:

1. Make sure the ring is in unworn and salable condition. So clean it up a bit, if needed.

2. Pack the ring in the original ring box. Lost it? No worries! Just use any old ring box. Nobody wants to be charged for a damaged ring:)

3. Remove any old mailing labels from the shipping box.

4. Take your package to any USPS location.

***Don't forget to ask for a receipt. Everyone makes mistakes, and this includes the Post Office. Getting a receipt is your proof of shipment and protects you:).  

Returns and Exchanges past 30 days:

We cannot accept returns for refund beyond 30 days of your original delivery date :( 

Wanna talk to someone? Email us at and one of our customer happiness agents will be happy to help.


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