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 “Rose Gold.” At first listen, the term may not sound very manly, what with the flowers and the glitzy gold and the... Is that?... Is that metal PINK?

But there is a lot more to Rose Gold, and Rose Gold Rings than meets the eye, young bro-ling. That's why we here at Manly Bands are back for another lesson in ring metals and styles. It's time to play “Know Your Ring!”

What's The History?

Rose Gold, (also known as Pink or Red Gold) started its rise to fame and popularity back in the early 18th century, in Russia. Some experts have theorized this as being a factor in why the metal was once known as “Russian Gold”, although this writer has doubts... What? I thought it was funny!

Anyways, one possible explanation for Rose Gold's existence stems from basic metallurgy: Impurities in the smelting process can turn the color of standard gold to a variety of different hues and shades. Rose Gold is created by Copper being introduced into the mix, with occasional traces of Silver. This could also explain White Gold, which is a mix containing Gold, Nickel, Silver, and Palladium, a common, but flashier variant of Gold that is nearly identical to Platinum.

Whether the first samples of Rose Gold were an accident, or a planned experiment, it quickly became a popular material due to its warm and regal coloring. Marry that with the fact that the added Copper makes the Gold stronger than it would be in its pure form, and now we really have something special.

What's It Like?

Typical Rose Gold consists of a mix resembling 75% Gold, 22%-25% Copper, with up to around 3% Silver added in certain forms. It has a similar metallic shine to standard Yellow Gold, but with a pink/reddish hue. Some have described the feeling you get seeing Rose Gold as “warming, comforting, but also luxurious.” It's something different, in a deliberate way. It isn't just normal Gold; it was changed into something more.

That is probably exactly what Apple was thinking when they brought Rose Gold back into the spotlight, introducing it as a new color option for the iPhone 6s. It was the start of the most recent uptick in Rose Gold popularity, even though jewelers have never let the metal slip too far into obscurity.

Rose Gold, in contrast to its unaltered cousin, tends to match well with any skin tone. It works well as a band, while pairing just as nicely with a wide array of stones and settings. It is a versatile metal, with an alluring appearance and style.

Why's That Cool?

You may not be convinced yet that Rose Gold is for you, and that's OK. You haven't heard some of the best parts yet!

You know how we told you that Rose Gold contains a portion of Copper in the mix? Guess what that does? Did you guess “It makes the overall product less costly?” You did? You sir, you get a cookie for your obvious intelligence. Because yes, adding Copper does bring the cost of the metal as a whole down a notch, making it even more affordable than plain ol' Yellow Gold. And, as was mentioned earlier, Copper also makes the metal a bit stronger, which means more durability. THAT is something a manly ring-buyer always looks for.

A ring like the MVP takes the savings even further, opting instead to go with a simple Rose Gold plating, rather than a solid Metal ring. It's stylish, and sophisticated, without being too brash and flashy. Comforting elegance, if you will. It says, “I am a man of simple, but refined tastes.” It stands out, but not in a gaudy “look at me, look at me” way.

            Or maybe you like the look of the Gentleman, with its matching Rose Gold plated edges. It shares many features with a traditional Yellow Gold band, but with its own unique and engaging style. That is one of the greatest strengths of Rose Gold: It does what it's more popular cousin can do, but it does it its own way. Not too flashy, not too mundane. An awesome balance you just won't find with most other metals.

The point is this: If you are looking to go with a more traditional wedding band (or band for any other occasion for that matter), Rose Gold is very much a viable option. It has strength and versatility. It's fancy, but not overly-so. It has roots in the past, but no so far back as to lose that special newness of the modern age. It's something unique, but popular enough to be recognized. It is elegance that won't break your wallet but can boost your ego.

One last bonus of Rose Gold: It offers you one of your best chances to sport a manly ring of your own, and still have a ring that pairs with your spouse. A black Tungsten Carbide ring won't pair so well with a Yellow Gold ring with Diamonds. But one of the above-mentioned rings, say, paired with the Poet... That is an elegant match indeed.

So there you have it. Give Rose Gold a look, and see if it's the metal that fits your Manly ring needs.