Wood Ring Collection

A Brief History of Wood Wedding Rings...

Let's just start off with a little quote from author David Russell McAnally from his article in Popular Science Monthly, November 1887:

"The materials of which wedding-rings have been composed are as diverse as the nations which have used the ring. The British Museum has rings of bone and of hard wood, found in the Swiss lakes..."

It's 1887, and this dude is talking about rings, sitting in a museum that had been open for almost 130 years already. While the article doesn't give an exact age of said rings, it does leave the impression they are, I believe the scientific term is, "old as #@&%."

But when you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Wood is one of the most common, easily obtained and versatile materials on the planet. Long before man mastered the art of carving stone into spears or mining iron ore to smelt into kick-ass battleaxes, wood was there to provide our most basic tools and supplies. Sure, you may have spent the better parts of your high school days earning that C minus in metal shop, but you started out cobbling together that crappy wooden birdhouse your mother swore was perfect.

Of course some of the first wedding rings were made of wood (and bone/antler, but that's another post). It is kinda all we had when we began making stuff out of more than just our own dung. And mankind thrived once we had tools, shelter and hunting weapons. We owe our very existence to the fact that we got wood! ... Wait... Scratch that last line, and let's move on.

Our Range of Wood Wedding Bands

As opposed to those old, original, crude loops sitting in some dusty museum, today's wooden rings are sleek, expertly crafted and smoother than the pickup line you first used to break the ice with your spouse-to-be. Careful attention is paid to selecting the right wood for the job, and each jeweler takes their time to shape the piece to exact dimensions. Next, it's coated in a water-resistant resin before being shipped off to it's new manly owner. Take a look at a few:

The Buffalo: tungsten, with mahogany inlay. Fierce, bold, enticing. A symbol of the proud and strong animal spirit inside you. This ring makes a statement, but only on its own terms.

The Conqueror: tungsten carbide with platinum plating and koa wood. Just try to look at this ring and NOT picture a mighty Viking warrior, staring down his enemies, before laying down a heaping helping of whoop-ass. This ring is tough (just like you) while still being lightweight (which may or may not be like you... Not that that matters.)

The King Arthur: titanium and koa rosewood... Dude, how regal is this thing?!? The perfect mix of polished metal and rich wood inlay, this ring is built for a king. It doesn't matter whether your throne is a construct of a hundred swords or a pile of memory foam covered in leather (with a built-in cup-holder for your brewskies, because only the finer things will do), this ring is for you!

Caring for Your Wood Wedding Ring

Just ... don't go dunking your wooden ring into the pool at the Y. That resin is water-resistant, not waterproof. You know the difference. You've seen your buddy's deck, the one that was due for a re-staining three years ago and looks more like a gray, wavy potato chip than anything you want to attend a BBQ on. Don't do that to your ring. Keep it out of the pool/ocean/shower/toilet, and all will be gravy.

Now it's your turn!

Dude, you just sat through almost 1000 words that continuously featured the word "wood" without reverting to your old 12-year-old self and falling on the floor laughing like a hyena ... except that one joke from earlier... I couldn't help myself, and I hope you got a chuckle.

But seriously, I think we all get it now. Wood rings aren't some new hipster fad. They're a link to our beginning as a species, our most basic roots (Ha! I knew I could sneak a tree joke in here. Score!).

Really seriously now, take a look at our Manly Bands Woodsmen Collection. They are a truly unique, macho expression of your love for the outdoors and an homage to the first tools ever built with human hands.

Now, go get you some wo... I mean, a wood ring.

Don't forget to stop by our ring size guide and get your Manly Ring Sizer to make sure you know your size first. It'll save a lot of headaches and pre-wedding fights. Trust us...