A domed interior (instead of flat), makes this bad boy fit ever so smooth and dare we say - super comfy. These can tend to fit a smidge bigger in certain widths.

Know Your Ring: Comfort Fit 

What's The History?

When we say the phrase “Comfort Fit,” it can conjure up a whole bunch of questions in your Manly Brain, such as: What exactly does it mean? Does the existence of Comfort Fit mean Standard Fit rings are not comfortable? Is this just another marketing ploy to get me to spend more money? Where are my pants?

With the exception of that last one, we will hopefully be able to ease your mind when it comes to Comfort Fit, and help you understand if a Comfort Fit Wedding Band is right for you... But you are on your own when it comes to your pants. We got nothing for you there.

For what it means, all we really can say is: “It is the natural evolution of Men's Ring Crafting.” See, as ring making has progressed, craftsmen have come to the realization that, in fact, different men have different shaped hands and fingers, so not all shapes and sizes of ring will be a great fit for every man.

That wasn't as helpful as we'd hoped... let's try a different angle here:

What's It Like?

Let's shoot this one over to one of our master craftsmen:

“Basically a comfort fit means that extra metal is used to make a slight dome on the inside of the ring instead of just being flat. Our comfort fit is in the center of the inside of the ring.”

Yeah, it really is that simple. For some guys, sliding a flat interior, or “Standard Fit”, ring over their Manly Knuckle can be a chore. Comfort Fit can help solve that problem. It also changes how the ring sits on your finger, and for some guys, it is preferable.

No, that doesn't mean “Standard Fit” rings are uncomfortable. It just means we have options when it comes to our Wedding Bands. Just like some guys wear a Straight Leg in their jeans, and others prefer a Boot Cut. Being comfy demands more than one style, Dude.

And while some ring makers try to charge you extra for a Comfort Fit Wedding Band, you don't have to worry about that from Manly Bands. Most newer materials are automatically crafted into Comfort Fit Bands, so there is no up-charge to be had. We like to get it right the first time, so you can put more money towards the rest of your wedding.

Why's That Cool?

Comfort is important. A Comfort Fit Band can feel better on your finger. We really can't put it any better than that.

The only other point we can make is this: That little smidgen more material on the inside of your band CAN cause a slight sizing difference, meaning you MAY want to go a half size bigger with a Comfort Fit Band. We've worked hard to make sure every Comfort Fit Band is clearly labeled as to whether this should be a concern, and if you order our Manly Ring Sizer, you can make sure the ring that fits you best also fits you properly. And if anything funky happens, we have our Satisfaction Guarantee to back you up. So let us know how we can help!

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