A Band For Every Man

We had such a horrible experience finding John’s wedding band that we wanted to create a buying experience with reverence, class, and love for all men and women in this process.  Because John’s fingers are larger, we were told we were going to need to buy a super boring white gold custom band that was going to cost over $1100…much more than my custom band with yellow diamonds…We were floored.

We did some research and found out about tungsten and titanium bands, their durability and affordability. The companies that were selling them at the time were terrible at customer service and gave no reverence to what we were buying. We were horrified and vowed to create a better experience all around.

So at Manly Bands, we have a super easy 30 day exchange/return policy, each ring comes with a FREE warranty, and our customer service team is helpful, honest, and downright delightful. We offer so many metal options, all with their unique pros and we are constantly improving and optimizing the experience we provide to break the mold and make wedding band buying the least stressful part of the wedding planning process. We even have couples rings so every couple, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification can find the rings that resonate with them. Man is putting a wedding together a doozie, but this part should be fun!!

With love, 

Michelle & John


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