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Know Your Ring: Heavy Rings

What's The History?

We’ve covered a lot of history here at Manly Bands, so it wouldn’t be too odd for you to assume we’ve got some cool and snazzy tidbits from the annals of Mankind’s Past to share with you… But sadly, this one just isn’t that sexy.

See, a major factor in the birth of Heavy Rings is simply this: There weren’t many any other options. In our most ancient of days, the materials used for jewelry making were the same materials we used for everything else: Wood, Stone, Bone, and eventually Iron. Wood and Bone made nice rings for sure, and they were on the lighter side… Until they broke apart. Ancient craftsmen just didn’t have the means to make those materials more durable, so they could only achieve so much popularity.

That means Iron was one of the first metals to be shaped into any form of jewelry, including rings (because seriously, who would choose a solid stone ring if they had any other choices?) And while Iron is strong, and makes quality weapons and armor… It just isn’t that lightweight. It would take the discovery, study, and eventual mastery of working with more precious metals like Gold and Silver to make more Lightweight Wedding Bands.

What's It Like?

In these more modern of days, we have the technology and skills to create a whole slew of options for your soon-to-be-wed finger, spanning the whole gambit of size, shape, color… And yes, weight. So, why would someone choose a Heavy Ring when there are so many choices?

Well, one major factor is the hand said band is going on. Just like how rings can now come in all shapes and sizes, hands and fingers vary in their Manly girth… And yes, we are choosing to skip over the joke we just set up… We have class sometimes Dude.

The point is this: If you are a Man with prodigiously sizable digits, you need a ring that will stand out. A thinner (and typically more lightweight) ring might not cut it. Thicker rings typically carry more heft. #ScienceForTheWin

Without some meaningful weight on your finger, any large-handed man might forget he even has his ring on, or fail to notice when it isn’t there. And all style points aside, knowing your ring is there is one of those aspects that is non-negotiable. Therefore, the heft of a Heavy Wedding Band is mostly a matter of function over form.

Why's That Cool?

That’s not to say a Heavy Ring can’t be an amazing stylistic option. As we said, heft often pairs with considerable size and width, which opens the doors for additions and such. A ring like that can support a lot of precious stones, or other nifty customizations that will really make your wedding band stand out. Damascus Steel takes well to all sorts of intricate etchings, and several weighty materials pair well with inlays and inner sleeves.

Not too mention, a heavier ring can often be a much more durable ring. Damascus Steel and Titanium have a great deal of strength to them, look amazing, and of course, pack a good bit of weight. While it isn’t always the case, you will find a strong correlation between Heavy Rings and rings that can withstand a good bit of punishment (scratch resistance aside… That’s a whole different kettle of manly fish). So, if you are a man in need of a strong, durable ring, you’ll usually find your best options with rings that tip the scales.

At the end of the day, a Manly Man can’t go wrong with a Beefy Ring. So check out our selection of Heavy Rings, and find the one that fits you best (and don’t forget to order our Manly Ring Sizer to make sure the ring that fits you best also fits you properly.)