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What's the History?

We started here telling you all about the great history of the first wedding bands, that were of course, wood. We mentioned author David Russell McAnally, and his article in Popular Science Monthly, November 1887. We talked about how our first houses, our first tools, our very first weapons of mass kick-assery, were all made of wood. Wood is where human awesomeness began, and no, we don't mean it that way.

Now, we have metals of all strengths and shines, and almost everything not made of plastic or synthetic is forged from some funky new-age metal. But in today's modern world of industrial gizmos and high-tech metal alloys, wood still has a place in our lives, and on our hands (I said ON, bro. Let's keep it PG for a moment.)

What's it Like?

Our pure wood rings are hypoallergenic. They're lightweight and won't bend and collapse like gold and silver can. Not to mention how well wood pairs with Antler Rings, doubling down on your manly hunter/outdoors-man credibility. It offers a unique and natural appearance you just don't get from metal alone.

Which of course, doesn't mean wood wedding bands can't also be titanium wedding bands or tungsten carbide wedding bands. An inlay of Koa wood on a solid metal band can be a stunning piece indeed, and one worthy of the manliest of fingers.

Our Range of Wood Rings

Take a gander at The Cowboy here, Hoss. This is one of that them thar tungsten carbide wedding bands we was talkin' about earlier, with that Koa wood. Pretty snazzy, made for a real workin' man, but fancy enough for a city-slicker.

The Hunter is a perfect trifecta of awesome ring materials. Titanium, antler and Koa wood inlay, this ring is lightweight and intriguing, modern and old-world.

Showcasing tungsten carbide with platinum plating and Koa wood, The Conqueror is a ring for a man with style AND substance. It connects today's bearded hard-ass with yesterday's mighty warriors through its unique style. Just try and tell this ring to pick its boxers up off the bathroom floor!

Don't forget to stop by our ring size guide and get your Manly Ring Sizer to make sure you know your size first. It'll save a lot of headaches and pre-wedding fights. Trust us.

How To Care For You Woodsman Collection Ring

Wood and antler don't take too kindly to water, even after the waterproofing they receive. Washing your hands after using the can is perfectly fine, but try not to let The Surfer confuse you with its name. Keep them dry, and they will serve you for a lifetime.