Primed for the guy with thin, long fingers. Web developers, piano players, I'm talking to you!

Know Your Ring: Thin Rings

What's The History?

For every man with huge, meaty digits attached to his hands, there is another awesome Dude with sleeker, more nimble fingers. And while both types of men are equally awesome in their own right, they have different needs. So, as the ancient craftsmen of Ringdom did their thing, designing more and more Manly Rings (or should we have said Bands there? #ShamlessPlug), rings of all shapes, sizes, and yes, even widths came into being.

We'll get into the Thin Vs. Wide style debate in a bit, as well as the pure functionality aspect. But first, let's just admire the vast pantheon of Manly Wedding Bands we have available, and give sacrifice to the Ring Gods that there is a band out there perfect for each and every one of us Manly Men.

What's It Like?

You might not think it, but a 6mm band is going to fit and feel much different than the same band in an 8mm width. No, a millimeter isn't that much, but when you shave 25% off of anything (or add 33% if you're going up... Yeah, Math is weird), you are going to notice a meaningful difference. Namely, if you have shorter/thinner fingers, you'll notice a significant difference in how your hand feels open or closed, especially when it comes to how easily your ring finger wraps around your ring. You don't need your wedding band feeling like an unfinished set of brass knuckles every time you ball up your hand.

In addition, wider/bigger rings usually come with more weight, and if your hands happen to be lacking in girth, that little bit of added weight can be very noticeable. If you are the type of man that needs nimble fingers, a thinner band is a good place to start.

Now yes, when your ring takes up less room, and has less material, that leaves less real estate for any additions you may want to make. A thinner band won't accommodate as many stones or embellishments as a wider band, but that in and of itself is a style choice. For some guys, simple is best, and streamline is the name of the game... And once again, Thin Wedding Bands are there to offer you awesome options.

Why's That Cool?

The comfort of a ring that fits your manly finger just right, without being too hefty or unwieldy. A sleek, simple design, with room for just a few bells and whistles. The ability to look just as damned good as any big, heavy, wide band... Yep, Thin Wedding Bands are pretty flippin' cool Dude... But you want to know the best part?

Guess what can happen when you don't put as much material into a finished product? We'll give you a hint: Go put 12 gallons of gas in your truck, and only put 10 gallons (same octane/gas station dude... We're comparing apples to apples here) into your spouse-to-be's vehicle. What did you notice?

If you answered with “less gallons cost less money,” you sir, have earned yourself a beer. Go snag it. We can wait... OK, welcome back. And yeah, thinner bands CAN cost a little bit less than the same band in a wider width. You do need to factor in any additional crafting involved to get the band DOWN to 6mm (or whatever width you choose), and of course, you can bring the cost right back up with any additions... But there are some savings to be had with a Thin Wedding Band.

So fear not, oh Manly Man of more slender finger. Your perfect wedding band is still out there... Or more specifically, right here on So go check out our collection of Thin Bands, and find the one that fits you best (and don’t forget to order our Manly Ring Sizer to make sure the ring that fits you best also fits you properly.)

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