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Know Your Ring: Wide Rings

What's The History?

If there is one thing Human History repeatedly shows us, it is this: Humans love showing off. Whenever we build something new, there is always going to be someone following close behind to build it bigger. While trimming down the weight and size of anything can be a truly functional upgrade, making it larger and fancier is all about style.

The same can be said when it comes to Wide Wedding Bands. Sure, some materials have their difficulties when it comes to how easy they are to work with, and you have less options when it comes to how thin you can make them. But in several cases, width is all about style. Ancient Damascus Steel rings weren’t just naturally stylish; they were chock full of intricately carved designs. Not to mention that, with more real estate to work with, more precious stones could find their way onto said ring. Hence, why the more well-to-do often chose wider, more extravagant rings. When you had money, Bling was King… And not too much has changed today.

What's It Like?

Today, Wide Rings aren’t just about showing off. Sure, it gives you more options for how to add your personal style to your ring… But it can be a functional choice as well.

See, men with bigger hands often need rings that aren’t just bigger themselves; they want wider rings as well. A thinner ring can easily get “lost” on a massive hand, and if there is one thing that is a must for a wedding band, it’s being seen. What’s the point of wearing something to symbolize and celebrate your eternal dedication to your spouse if the rest of the world has to squint to even see it?

On type of that, a thinner ring can be bit of a nuisance on a large finger. You slip a thin band on a large finger, and it can actually become a bit uncomfortable when you close your hand. You don’t want your wedding band to cut into your knuckle, and having a wider band can be a nice solution to the problem.

It’s all about fitting the ring to the hand, and that is more than just choosing the right size. An 8mm ring is going to look a lot different than a 6mm one, especially if your fingers have the circumference of your standard smoked sausage.

Why's That Cool?

With all the advancements in craftsmanship we’ve made over the past few centuries, many of the most awesome materials in all of Ringdom can be made into whatever width and size you need. Not only will you have a ring that fits well AND feels comfortable, but you have a ton of options when it comes to style.

Want a bunch of precious stones? A Wide Ring gives you the room to make it happen. Like any of our amazing inlays? You can fit Camo, Antler, or Wood… Or more than one! Not to mention the options for designs and etchings. Heck, even a “Plain Jane” Damascus Steel Band will look amazing in a wider width, with the naturally occurring designs in the steel itself.

Yeah, “Bigger” doesn’t always mean “Better.” But don’t tell that to our selection of Wide Rings. They offer an amazing combination of comfort and style that is hard to beat, making it easy for Manly Men of all shapes and sizes to find the ring that fits them best. (And don’t forget to order our Manly Ring Sizer to make sure the ring that fits you best also fits you properly.)