How Much Are Men’s Wedding Bands?

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If you’re thinking of planning an engagement and subsequent wedding, you’re sure to have a lot of questions. These might be: 

  • What’s the cost of engagement rings
  • How much will you spend on your wedding? 
  • Where should you and your new spouse honeymoon? 

Some questions will have easy answers; others will be more difficult to answer. Some will require consultation with the partner you plan on proposing to; others will require no more than knowing what you want. 

For instance, you know you’ll want to get a great engagement ring and wedding ring for your bride-to-be—but how much are men’s wedding bands? The price of wedding bands depends on a number of factors, particularly what type of metal is being used and what extras—inlays, engravings—are included. But how is it all calculated? And how do you know what ring is right for you? Here’s the no-BS answer to your men’s wedding ring questions.   

The Price Is Right 

You want to be stylish, but you can’t break the bank. We get it. That’s why you need to weigh your options. The price you pay will depend on a number of different factors, from the primary metal to the features included in the ring. Here’s how some of our popular wedding rings compare. 

Gold Wedding Bands 

When you’re discussing how expensive men’s wedding bands are, men’s gold rings tend to chart towards the top. There’s a reason the price tag is so high, and part of it has to do with the bling. 

But the buck doesn’t stop there. Gold rings are expensive particularly due to the price of gold. You probably remember one of your grandfathers yelling about the price of gold around the 2008 financial crisis, or your uncle screaming about how you need to be unbanked and store your money in gold bullion. All for—somewhat—good reasons. The price of gold hasn’t shifted much against the USD. But, let’s not talk about precious metals. For gold rings, expect to spend anywhere between $800 to $7,000. Prices will vary, from the traditional gold wedding ring up to premier wedding bands.  

The Duke Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Duke Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

Damascus Steel Rings 

Sometimes you want more than the classic. The classic works, but you want a step up from your dad’s time and age. Damascus steel wedding bands provide just that. If the word sounds familiar, maybe you heard it used in Skyrim. And, for any history buffs, Damascus steel is sure to get your attention. 

This metal was used by the Vikings—THE VIKINGS—to forge their steels, hardening them to best the toughest of enemies. Imagine having that amount of strength wrapped around your finger. Damascus steel does just that, with rings ranging anywhere from around $200 up to $5,000. 

Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands 

Now, some men want all the strength in the world without being weighed down an ounce. Have we gotten your attention? Think carbon fiber rings. Used in high-end aviation materials, military equipment, racecars, and cycling road bikes, carbon fiber is an extremely durable material that is supremely light. Best of all, carbon fiber wedding bands are affordable—though we can’t say the same for that carbon fiber road bike you’ve been eyeing for the past five years. The average price of these rings ranges from $165 to $2,350.

The Teddy Titanium Wedding Ring

The Teddy Titanium Wedding Ring

Titanium Rings

Titanium wedding bands are another excellent option for anyone looking for a durable ring that has more heft than carbon fiber. The benefit here is that titanium is a more rugged metal, not as durable as carbon fiber but able to stand up to more abuse and corrosion. Best of all, it’s a cheaper metal compared to the precious metals people often gravitate to when thinking of classic wedding rings. Prices for these will range from $250 to $1,500.  

Silicone Wedding Bands 

We have the solution for the man who works with his hands and doesn’t mind getting dirty without a moment’s notice: silicone bands. Flexible, durable, and reliable, these rings will let you live without thinking whether your next action will damage your wedding ring. All for $30.  

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Finding the ring that’s right for you is a journey of its own—akin to Frodo’s? Maybe. It takes exploration, whether looking for your preferred style or knowing your maximum budget. But, in the end, whether you choose from gold wedding rings or titanium rings, you’re effectively purchasing a ring that will cement your love for a long time to come. 

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