men's wedding bands made from dinosaur bone, tank metal, whiskey barrels, and meteorite

Say No To Boring Wedding Bands


We set the bar on creating the most distinguished bands the world has to offer. Whether you are fascinated with history, your country, your love for whiskey, or things beyond this planet, your band should tell a story about what's important to you.




Our Exclusive Military Heritage Collection. Made with authentic historical military materials.

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silicone band with unique rings. text says free silicone band.


Life is crazy and unpredictable. That's why we include a FREE Silicone Band with every band purchase. Whether you're a gym rat or work with your hands, a silicone band is the perfect wingman.


Diverse Wedding Bands for Every Man

Our range of mens wedding bands is as varied as the personalities of the men we cater to – because, let’s face it, no two grooms are alike.

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Then there are the rugged, adventure-seeking souls. You know who you are – the ones who consider a weekend well spent if it involves a tent, a mountain, and absolutely no cell service. For you, we have rugged mens rings that resonate with your love for the great outdoors. These are the rings that won’t mind getting a little dirty on your next wilderness escapade.


For the traditionalists out there, those who believe in the timeless charm of a good old classic – yes, we’re talking to you, fans of black-tie events and Sinatra – our classic designs are a nod to that eternal elegance. Think clean lines, understated beauty, and a style that says, “I appreciate the finer things in life, like a nice glass of Jack Daniel's and a well-tailored suit.”


Now for the trendsetters – the brave few who dare to wear what others will only be wearing next season. You make fashion statements the way others make coffee – frequently and with bold confidence. For you, our modern, stylish pieces are designed to keep up with the latest trends. These rings are so on-trend, they might as well come with their own Instagram followers.

Take our Fender Ring Collection and DC Comics Collection for example. Our Fender rings are a standing ovation to music lovers and guitar heroes. Handcrafted with Officially Licensed Authentic Fender® guitar materials, these rings are perfect for those who march to the beat of their own drum.

If you're the kind who wears a suit by day and a cape by night, our DC Comics Ring Collection is your perfect sidekick. This collection boasts premium bands inspired by the legendary heroes and villains of the DC Universe, officially licensed by DC Comics®.


And let’s not forget those creative spirits, the ones who think outside the box and then turn the box into an art installation. For you, masters of the unique and the unconventional, we have patterns and designs that break the mold. When your friends see your ring, they’ll say, “Wow, I didn’t even know that was a thing,” and you’ll nod, knowing you’ve once again set the bar for originality.

Our diverse range of mens wedding bands including diamond wedding bands, satin finish options, two-tone gold varieties, and tungsten wedding bands, and more. Whatever your style, our collection ensures that every man finds the perfect symbol of love and commitment.

Wedding Band Materials That Speak Volumes

The strength and character of our rings come from the materials we use. Each has its own story and symbolism, like a secret handshake for those in the know.

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 Tungsten is the superhero of our collection, revered for its resilience and durability. It's the Clark Kent of metals - unassuming but incredibly strong, ideal for those who fancy themselves as enduring as their commitments.


Then there's Titanium, the unsung hero of the metal world, combining lightweight comfort with Herculean strength. It's the perfect choice for those who want their ring to float like a butterfly and... well, you get the idea.


For nature enthusiasts, we've got wood inlays. Yes, you heard that right - wood. It's like wearing a piece of the great outdoors, minus the camping. Antler inlays are here too, for those who want to unleash their inner wild side without actually having to live in the woods.


Now, let's talk about meteorite bands. These are for folks who want to wear a piece of space on their finger because, why not? It's the ultimate conversation starter – "Oh, this old thing? It's just a piece of the cosmos."


And for those who like to live in the fast lane, we've got Damascus steel and carbon fiber. These aren't your grandpa's wedding rings. They're for the modern man.


For the traditionalists, we have 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold rings. They're like the bread and butter of mens wedding rings – classic, timeless, and never going out of style.


And for the rebels, we have bands in alternative metals like stainless steel, tantalum, and zirconium, because who wants to be mainstream?


Let's not forget about our silicone bands, ideal for the man who lives life on the edge... of the gym. They're built for those who need their wedding band to keep up with their bench press. Fortunately, we include a FREE Silicone Band with every band purchase.

salt and pepper diamond engagement ring resting on a men's wedding band

Engagement Rings and Beyond

At Manly Bands, we're not just about crafting those manly mens wedding bands. We've got something for the ladies too because, let's face it, the proposal is kind of a big deal. And what's a proposal without a ring that screams, "I thought long and hard about this"? Enter our collection of womens engagement rings and wedding bands.

Featuring stunning gemstone jewelry, black diamonds, alternative metals, and diamond rings, our collection is designed to make your significant other's friends go, "Wow, you really hit the jackpot!"

So, for those about to pop the question, remember: Manly Bands has got your back. We're here to help you make that proposal not just unforgettable but worthy of a story that'll be told for years to come. Explore our engagement rings, where each carat tells a story of love and commitment.

tungsten men's wedding band being laser engraved

FREE Engraving

At Manly Bands, we offer customization options that make your band as one-of-a-kind as your love story. Want to engrave a special message? Go for it. Dreaming of a design that's never been seen before? Challenge accepted. Choose your style, material, inlay, inside sleeve, finish, ring size, and band width to create the perfect comfort fit wedding band that symbolizes your unique bond.

modern bride and groom holding hands while the groom kisses her hand. Both are wearing wedding bands.

Join the Manly Bands Family

Join the Manly Bands family, where each wedding band is a badge of honor to your unique journey. Explore our collection of mens wedding bands and discover a wedding band that fits your finger like it was meant to be there all along.