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About us

We get it. We've been there. She wanted to get the rings custom designed. He wanted to stay in budget. The compromise was finding him an inexpensive band that still looked fabulous. After that, we found many many more grooms were in the same boat. So we started the Manly Bands Company. We all work hard to make sure you have a painless process in buying your wedding band.


We want you to find the best band for the best price, so know that you have 30 days from the time you receive your ring to get it back to us if it's not your thing. So don't worry. We are happy to refund or exchange any ring within 30 days. 


We also give back to the charities that have helped us all along our journey, so we will be choosing a different charity each month to donate to. If you have a favorite you'd like to suggest, email us: hello@manlybands.com



June 2017 Charity donation of the month:

This month we choose to support The Seeing Place Theatre Company in New York City. They are working on an "Empathy Initiative" this season, to bring more empathy into the world by taking a rigorous look at oppression in all its forms. It's a daring and bold season of plays and we are excited to see how their art will touch lives in a positive way this year. 

If you feel so moved to join us, please head here to lend your support as well! Donations as low as $8 go a long way.



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