Manliest Ring of the Month: Go For a Gold Wedding Ring!

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Source: ManlyBands’ The Beast

As men, we’re not very fond of choices. First, we don’t need things to be complicated; a straightforward solution is always the best. Second, we know the trouble of having too many options: 

Where do you want to go for dinner, Honey? 

The sheer number of answers and thoughts send shivers up our spine. Make it simple. There’s nothing better than a gold wedding ring. Talk about traditional, masculine, a sign of love—we might even call it “perfect.”  

But, here’s the thing: Gold wedding rings don’t have to be boring. If we’re being honest, we all love a unique take on a tradition. Whether it’s a funky witbier, a grilled cheese hamburger, or a peanut butter whiskey, there’s something exciting about something everyone can get behind, while giving it a unique twist. Why do we love gold wedding rings? And what type of rings are out there? Let’s take a closer look and consider what’s available. 

Why We Love Gold Wedding Rings 

All right, guys, hear us out. We already told you how classic gold wedding rings are, how they’re traditional and all that jazz. It’s why we love them, but there’s another reason. 

Gold is beautiful. 

What can we say? The history of gold is a rich one—pun absolutely intended, and it’s what makes it such an eye-catcher. Wear a gold ring in public once? BOOM! Women want to talk to you, men want to be you; you’ve got the attention of everyone in a 50-foot diameter. Basic gold wedding rings are sure to get the attention of any stranger, but it’s the special kind of gold rings that really stand out from the crowd. Here are some of our favorites: 

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Gold weddings make a statement, but rose gold takes that to another level. With a hint of red and pink when captured in the light, rose gold is a stunning take on the traditional gold wedding band. Whether it’s the Barclaythe Beast, or the Billionaire, our rose gold wedding rings are certain to wow everyone who sees them. And just wait until you see your spouse’s tears on your wedding day. A rose gold wedding band is like wearing your heart on your sleeve—an extension of your love for the whole world to see. 

the big cat mens band

Source: ManlyBands’ The Big Cat

Damascus Steel, Too? 

Does rose gold feel too weak for you? Too feminine

One, calm down, bro. Two, don’t be afraid; we’ve got you covered. 

Damascus steel is the metal of Vikings, traditionally forged in blades for extreme strength and power. That’s why we incorporated gold engravings into our damascus steel rings, including the Big Catthe Agent, and the Guinness. Think of it as a pairing of two perfect worlds: the precious metal, powerhouse of the financial system; the blade of warriors from around the world. 

Solid Gold Wedding Bands

Solid gold wedding bands can’t be beat. We’ve offered you some of the best unique gold rings we have to offer. But you don’t need to be unique to stand out. Sometimes you need a straightforward yet incredible solution. The Most Interesting Man in the World is one of the most fascinating options we have available. And if you love the old Dos Equis commercials, you’ll know exactly what this ring embodies: adventure, fascination, something others wish they could be. Similarly, the EVP is the simple, no-fuss solution that’s sure to turn heads. Slim, lightweight, and stunning. There’s nothing like a small ring that speaks volumes. 

the most interesting man in the word mens band

Source: ManlyBands’ The Most Interesting Man in the World

Find the Manliest Ring for Your Finger

Unsure what gold wedding band is right for your manly finger? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out our collection of gold wedding rings to find the ring that fits your personality. Your gold ring won’t only shine on your wedding day. It’s sure to get the attention of anyone near you. What a perfect representation for the love between you and your spouse! 


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