Manliest Ring of the Month: The Rough & Tough Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring

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The Stoor

We’re all men here. We live a manly life, and we know what it’s like from day to day. Maybe you work with your hands. Maybe you handle heavy machinery. Maybe your name is David, you work in finance, and you complain when your Uber driver talks too much. Maybe your name is Christian and you punch holes in the drywall when you get murked in the Gulag. Those last might not be that manly, but, hey, different strokes for different folks. But for those manly men, they need a ring that stands up to the tough life. What they need is a carbon fiber wedding band. 

Men’s carbon fiber wedding bands are the choice of every physical man out there. Whether they get down and dirty at work, spend their weekends hunting, or are an olympian at the gym, their ring has to handle a tough and rough life, and carbon fiber does just that. Twelve times lighter than gold and tougher than any other metal out there, it’s a winner in every category. 

And that’s not even mentioning the color. Graphite black is an excellent color, as brawny as any man. Put simply, carbon fiber belongs wrapped around your finger. 

Understanding Carbon Fiber 

This isn’t Elon Musk’s take on your dad’s commemorative box of Flutie Flakes. This is carbon fiber. This is the miracle compound used in nearly every line of engineering. Far lighter than steel and aluminum and nearly ten times stronger than each. Highly durable, to the point of it seeming as if it came from space. How can you say no to carbon fiber on just those facts alone? It’s nearly unbeatable—literally, try damaging it, and you won’t make a dent. But there’s more to it.  

Where Carbon Fiber Came From

All right, boys, get out your notebook and settle in. Time for a short history lesson. Carbon fiber—quite literally fibers of carbon, interlocked sheets of fiber—has many uses and a relatively new history. First produced in 1860 by Joseph Swan for use in light bulb filaments, the technology was improved by Thomas Edison, who baked cotton threads and bamboo slivers at high temperatures to create all-carbon filaments used for the first incandescent light bulbs. 

The technology would be advanced again and again through the 20th century by various national military agencies, and that process would only be reworked again and again until we got to where we are today. All right, pens down. See, that wasn’t so bad. 

The Cypress

The Cypress

And now, after so many decades, we have high-quality carbon fiber that can stand up to almost anything you throw at it. But here’s the thing: It’s strong, sure, but what makes it so great for wedding bands, and how does it feel? 

Why You Need a Carbon Fiber Ring

As we mentioned above, carbon fiber kicks ass. We should just leave it at that, but we’ll go into a little more detail. Want the key hits? Here are just a few: 

  • It comes in different patterns, which means unique styles of rings.
  • It’s twelve times lighter than gold.
  • It, as a material, will literally outlive you.
  • It’s used for competitive cycling bikes, Formula 1 race cars, and aerospace aircraft.
  • It’s lighter than stainless steel, yet five times stronger and twice as stiff.
The Forged

The Forged

Still not convinced? Just look at the types of carbon fiber rings we have available, whether it’s The Forged or The NorthStar.  And here’s one last thing: You don’t need to break the bank to get an incredible ring. Our carbon fiber rings can be affordable, going for as little as $165. That’s a ring that will seamlessly fit your salary while lasting a lifetime.  

Find the Manliest Ring for Your Finger

If you’re looking for a manly ring, don’t wait any longer on a Carbon Fiber wedding band. The perfect ring is waiting to end up on your finger. All you need to do is choose your style and size. 


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