Manly Bands Announces A “Shocking” New Line of Wedding Rings

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This line is expected to disrupt the $69 billion electro-therapy industry and will help put the “spark” back into relationships across America. 

Manly Bands is announcing The HERTZ, an electrifying new collection of wedding bands designed for men who have difficulty following directions and helping with chores around the house. While the company has released electricity-themed rings in the past, this marks the first wedding band with enough current to knock a grown man instantly unconscious.

This marvel of modern science was designed in our Mostly LegalTM research labs, after Michelle Luchese found that her co-CEO and husband Johnathan Ruggiero needed extra help remembering to do the dishes, combing his hair and taking out the trash. 

“It was a difficult time,” said Michelle, “I would ask him over and over again but he couldn’t remember simple things like taking his shoes off in the house or making my morning coffee the way I like it. Luckily, we had a breakthrough when John was trying to hook up his speaker system in the pool.”

This lightning rod idea was the beginning of the new ring line and after days of research and several fires, the product was ready for human testing. Couples across the country bravely volunteered their lethargic partners and shared their tragic stories of marriages falling apart from misremembered grocery lists and lawns left unmowed. 

With The Hertz, their problems are short lived. Simply slip the ring on during your wedding vows or while the problem husband is asleep and wait for their first mishap. The next time you notice the laundry isn’t folded or your partner forgets to dust the house, simply use the button on your Hertz remote to deliver a slightly-less-than-lethal dose of electricity to the forgetful partner. Watch as they instantly recall the task at hand and how diligently they carry it out! 

“I’m so thankful for the Hertz ring,” said Johnathan. “Before, I would cause so many arguments by correcting my wife about how to load the dishwasher or how many championships Tom Brady has won. Now I can forget all that thanks to The Hertz ring!”

The Hertz Ring is now available on our website and retails for 3 shockingly low payments of  $120 or $220 for extra wide fingers. The extra wide carries that extra jolt you need for those big mishaps. It is available in Thunder Chrome, Electric Blue, and Hazard Red. We are also looking into a lithium powered battery to triple the capacity of the ring that doubles as a jump starter for your car. The Hertz Ring is here to help put the spark back in your relationship!

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Jonathan Marshall

PR Specialist

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