Coping Skills for Couples

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Coping Skills for Couples

This is a difficult time for all of us; many couples are no longer together due to the horrific crisis that we all must face. Couples are fighting, divorcing and sadly taking their lives. Although, what we are facing is monumental, living without your partner leaves an empty feeling of despair and sadness. This article will offer some ideas and/or suggestions to help cope with this hellish virus.

Accept the fact that what we are facing is real; it's not going away. That being said, remember that neither one of you caused this problem and the best way to conquer this situation is to become a team. It's important that you both accept the fact that working together will provide a stability in your relationship and allow each other to express your feelings.

Feelings such as love and patience, at this time, are very important, especially when there is doubt in your future. This is the time to share your love via words or actions; this is the time to be more tolerant of your partner. A time where you both console one another and face the hardship together.

Support; before you can support your partner you need to be able to support yourself. Seek counseling or some form of dialogue with an outside person.

Relaxation- before you engage with your partner make sure you are calm and relaxed; this will help prevent uproars and anger towards one each other.

Communicate- what is said and not said in a relationship is always going to be remembered. Take your time and think before you speak; offer to listen to your partner and request the same from them. Ask for their help and ideas, by doing this you are helping them forget their problems.

Finally, set a time aside where you and your partner can focus on each other. Create a space that, if only for a little time, allows you both to be safe and happy. A space that says I love you and how much you mean to one another.

Good Luck!!

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