November 11, 2023

Couples and Counseling

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Today, more than ever, the importance of seeing someone for advice in your relationship is so important. Life as we once knew, has changed; couples no longer spend quality time together, family sitting down together no longer happens and emotions are looked upon as a rollercoaster that can be non stop; how to solve and avoid such a situation will be discussed in this article.

Counseling goals are to bring each of you closer; a counselor will attempt to bring out emotions and rule out qualities that may at first be only a physical attraction.

The first important goal in counseling is that both parties are in agreement, for this is necessary in making your relationship work. There are several factors that a counselor may suggest and help.

The first is how you value one another; such as friendship. Friendship is necessary to have a secure relationship. Starting off as friends and continuing to become closer through good and troubling times can usually relate to a solid combination. As you build, the counselor may suggest looking back at earlier times, and ask what interest do you still share, or are you still surprising one another with little trinkets of love like opening a car door, preparing dinner or even taking a walk together and very importantly are you both still attracted to one another and if so why and if no why not.

The next part of advice is how you communicate. Communication does not just mean to verbally have a conversation it also means how well you listen, offer support and understand what is being said. A counselor may suggest role play; the purpose of role play is to find out what you and your partner enjoy and to get a better insight to each other’s wants.

Finally, love- a counselor may discuss what love really means. Love is a behavior; how you and your partner act when around one another; love is an emotion not the reason to stay together. The reason for staying together comes from the above and how the both of you manage to establish your relationship.

Good Luck !!