Holiday Traditions

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Holiday Traditions

This time of year is the opportunity to create your own couple customs. Starting right before Thanksgiving, together, create a schedule that will keep you both focus and provide enjoyment. This article will suggest some ideas and creativity that may spark your own holiday tradition.

Making holiday cards/ornaments are a fun and inexpensive tradition. By using photos of each other, people will treasure the card/ornament and enjoy the years of change as a keepsake.

Another fun tradition you may wish to explore is the decorating of the outside of the house. Adding a new decoration each year, like a Santa on a motorbike or giant snowball will definitely grab the attention of others and have you and your partner be the talk of the neighborhood.

One of my favorites is, with your partner, donate your time during the holidays to volunteer at a soup center and /or lunch kitchen. Sometimes there is a magical feeling that we may feel when we offer help to the less fortunate.

Finally, the most important tradition, can be just making each day together, better than the day before. Traditions need to be communicated between one another, which may generate, hopefully, years of excitement and happiness.

Good Luck and happy holidays !!

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