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Most often than not, when people hear the word intimacy they automatically think it to mean some form of sexual pleasure between two consenting adults. This may or may not be true; this article will explore some forms of intimacy that does not involve sexual pleasure or suggestions. To me there are three different types of intimacy that shows love, friendship and respect.

The first one is holding hands; This is usually the first physical moment in a relationship. It signifies affection and a connection towards the other person. It is a great non-verbal communication gesture that may bring about warmth and feelings of security and happiness.

The second one is being creative: One of man’s most important reinforcer is hearing or seeing our name; it gives internal gratification. Perhaps each morning leave your partner a note or a card that details what you like about them. Set up some time together where the two of you can express your love for one another through music or art, the ideas are endless. What you really want to do is to share each other’s feelings that defines each of you. Be honest, sincere and open, let your guard down and trust your partner.

The last type of intimacy again requires the both of you to use that C-word, Communication. Talk to one another. Set time aside where the two of you can be alone, soft music playing in the background, lights turned down and share intimate thoughts, like and dislikes. The closer you can connect mentally the closer you can connect physically.

These three types of intimacy may help a relationship develop, repair and help you both see and understand where your connection lies. Remember, intimacy does not happen overnight. It takes time to trust and feel secure with one another; however, the goal in any relationship should always be love, happiness and respect.

Good Luck!!

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