Keeping Love Alive

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Many couples may believe that love will never end, that a relationship is meant to last and the feelings you had and may have now will last forever. I hope that for all of you; however, the reality is love can fade and if not worked on by both partners it will no longer exist.

Let’s examine some methods of keeping love alive then look at some of the obstacles to avoid.

In life we sometimes take for granted our mates. Couples become stuck in a rut that may limit the passion. An example of this would be just walking in a mall. In the early stages, each of you would hold hands, now, sometimes I see couples walking in front of one another with no communication or body language happening between each other. A very simple solution for this, is be spontaneous; grab their hand and say something flirty that let’s your partner know your still turned on by them

Another way of keeping your love alive for each other is spend more time together in the kitchen. There is no written rule that designates who cooks dinner; share the responsibility and work together; this can be so much fun and allows you both to communicate and talk about each other’s day ( which can be so gratifying). One more way of keeping love alive is to allow your partner to enjoy time away from you; Being away from each other can build emotions of passion and growth; building an independence between the two of you fosters security in your relationship and develops trust.

Some behaviors to avoid with each other that can lead to falling out of love are:

  • Smothering- this probably won’t happen at first but as the relationship grows you both will be changing; different friends, ideas and goals. Be supportive and give the space that is needed to promote their happiness.
  • Finances- a discussion should happen before your partner and you settle down. Set ground rules and limits on what is a need and what is a want. The need must always come first; it is a necessity that attributes to your mood and well being
  • Finally, avoid going to bed angry, mad or frustrated. This type of behavior will affect your sleep and disposition the following day. It is unhealthy and can cause medical concerns.

Remember each day is a new day to work on keeping your love alive; take the time to communicate and

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