Past Relationships

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Past Relationships

One of the most agonizing moments in a relationship is when your past comes back to haunt you. We all have had a past life; many of us were involved in some type of relationships that brought either happiness or unhappiness. When beginning a new relationship, the key to discussing past relationships is honesty and compromise. This article will focus on several areas that one may want to discuss with their partner.

One of the first areas would be past involvements, like your first true love or your ex-partner. Informing your partner about past relationships can actually help create a solid base in your relationship. When discussing past involvements, it may show your intentions are real and you put trust in your partner that they will understand and respect you even more. Remember that discussing these events enables your partner to have a better understanding of you and your needs.

Another area to discuss, and many people really forget about, is your health. Health concerns could impact your relationship; for example, the risk of having children if you have had a STD; or your general health issues like heart problems, PTSD, anxiety and/or depression. Sharing these concerns with your partner will assist you both in what lies ahead in your future and it may help you mentally when your share this because now you have someone to communicate with in regards to your health.

The last are I would like to discuss is a concern we all have, finances. One of the leading problems in a relationship is money, especially when you are on a tight or fixed income. The talks should begin now on career goals; will you both work, or will someone stay home; how about joint or separate accounts, how will the income be shared. Many couples don’t worry about this in the beginning stages of dating, however, try not to overspend because it can be habit forming and lead to difficulties down the road. The key to this issue is honesty; together both of you should be able to come up with a plan to meet your goals.

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