Trust in a Marriage

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Trust plays a crucial part of married life. Having trust in each other solidifies the bond in your relationship and allows you to take risks you normally may not take. The premise of a strong marriage is trusting one another and provide an atmosphere of emotional stability where either you or your partner can express your needs, wants, fears and feelings.

So how to we encompass this very important element, we do so by the following:

  1. Learn to believe in yourself and be honest with your partner from day one: If you can’t trust yourself how do you expect your partner to trust you.
  2. Make your actions speak louder than words, Saying you love your partner is nice but if you show disrespect to them through actions or continue to break promises you are showing you cannot be trusted.
  3. Be honest. Lies can be addicting and can destroy a marriage. By telling the truth you are establishing a virtue that helps build a trustulled marriage. It may take courage to tell the truth and may also be scary but your partner will respect you for being honest and feel confident that you can be trusted.
  4. Share your feelings with each other. Secrecy only leads to problems. It begins a cycle of guessing games that lead down a road of misery for you and your partner. You need to be open in all that you do if you want to establish a connection of trust.
  5. Finally, realize there is nothing more important than the two of you building a strong foundation based on love and truth. By doing so your marriage will be happy and successful.

Good Luck!

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