Notes From Dad: Ways To Propose

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Asking for your partner's hand in marriage is one of the biggest moments of your life. With the holidays upon us many couples will be getting engaged. This article will suggest some of the ways that will be creative and romantic.

If your partner is an avid newspaper reader, take an ad out in your local newspaper. This way your family and friends will be informed and you won’t have to call everyone after your partner says yes.

Prepare a fortune cookie and take your partner to a cozy and intimate Chinese restaurant. After dinner switch the restaurant’s cookie with yours. Who can say no to Chinese logic.

Take a walk on the beach and build a sand castle. As the waves are rolling in, prepare a bottle with a note asking for their hand in marriage.

Plan a movie night. Rent a film and make popcorn and have candy. In either the popcorn or candy box hide a ring box and propose after the movie.

Enjoy a cruise and during your travel have the Captain announce your intentions over the loudspeaker several times.

During the Christmas season create an ornament that says “Marry Me” and have her hang it on the tree.

Make your partner a warm bowl of oatmeal and at the bottom of the bowl inscribe the phrase “will you marry me?”

Make reservations at your favorite restaurant and ask the chef to create your partner’s favorite dish and during the meal propose with only candlelight and music.

Finally, my favorite, on New Year’s Eve as the clock strikes 12:00 instead of saying “Happy New Year!” say “Will you marry me?” It's romantic and begins a new start for both of you.

Always remember being loved by your partner gives you strength, while loving your partner gives you courage; good luck with your proposal!

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