Tips for Surprising Him with a Men’s Anniversary Ring

Tips for Surprising Him with a Men’s Anniversary Ring

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You want to get your man a ring to celebrate your anniversary. We love it! Guys like rings, too, believe it or not, so you’ve made a solid choice. You want to do something special with this, and that’s awesome. You don’t have to get down on one knee or anything (though you can if you like), but you do want to make a lasting impression. It’s simpler than you might think!

What Is an Anniversary Ring?

Not sure how you managed to get here without knowing this, but no judgment. It’s actually quite self-explanatory. An anniversary ring is a ring that symbolizes a certain year of marriage. 

Maybe it’s your first year together, your tenth, your twenty-fifth. Whichever it is, it tends to be associated with the big ones. If you want to coordinate your anniversary ring with the type of anniversary it is, consult this handy guide.

Do You Get One Every Anniversary?

Well, there’s no one stopping you. Maybe your man likes to collect rings. If he’s just an average fan of rings, though, one is probably enough. This is why most anniversary rings are given on a significant milestone. There’s no reason you can’t give one on year four (hey, that’s a presidential cycle), but it does tend to be the big milestones that get the ring.

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Which Finger Is an Anniversary Ring Worn on? 

Interestingly enough, any finger. So there aren’t hard and fast rules on this, and it really depends on why you’re doing it. If it’s not meant to be a substitute for his current wedding ring, any finger will work. The ring finger of the right hand is a popular choice, though.

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Why Get an Anniversary Ring? 

Why not? There’s no one reason, but there are a couple of popular choices. First of all, it’s a good gift. Maybe you want him to have something that complements his current men’s wedding band. It’s often a purely stylistic choice as a gift.

The other main consideration is a replacement for an original ring. If his ring has worn out over the years, you might consider replacing it with an anniversary ring. Win-win. Maybe you want to get matching custom wedding rings for a big anniversary to replace your original wedding rings. Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of reasons you could choose an anniversary ring.


Make It Personal

A lot of the philosophy behind picking an anniversary ring is the same as picking any present. What does he like? What kind of styles does he gravitate towards? Is there something special or sentimental about the ring you’re presenting to him? You can’t be generic in love. That isn’t a Dead Poet’s Society quote, but it sure sounds like one.

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Make It an Event

Now, just how much of a spectacle this is will depend on your man and what he prefers. If he’s all for public declarations of love, here’s your chance to go big. 

If that’s not so much his speed, you can still make it an event, though. A nice dinner or something private — if done with thought and intent — can be just as much of a meaningful event as something over the top.

Don’t Go Over Budget

As a rule, surprise anniversary rings are good, and surprise debt is bad. Yes, you want to get him something he’ll love, but don’t break the bank to do it. That’s really not much of a present at all.

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What’s His Style?

Last, but certainly not least, take into account his style. If he loves classic styles, make sure you find something in that vein. If he’s more adventurous, then the style world is your oyster. As long as you take that into account, you can’t go wrong.

Any surprise offered from the heart where you take what he likes into account is sure to be a hit. Don’t overthink this one too much. Good luck!

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