What Does a Best Man Do? Understanding Your Role as the Best Man

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Oh man, will you look at the time? Your best friend’s wedding is coming up, and wouldn’t ya know, you're the Best Man. Then, all of a sudden, you break out in a cold sweat. 

You open the nearest window and scream out to the world: 

What the heck does the best man do?!

Who the Heck Is the Best Man? 

If you’re already totally lost, now is the time to do your research. Don’t look too far, though – we’ve got you covered. 

As the best man, you’re the groom’s right-hand man. Consider yourself the man in charge of everything the groom can’t do and shouldn’t do. 

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Besides organizing an unforgettable bachelor party, you’ll also be tasked with most manly events before, during and after the wedding. Your friend likely chose you because they consider you to be the closest male figure in their life. You should ensure you’re there for them at every turn. 

But what exactly do your roles involve besides the groom’s right-hand man? 

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What Do You Do Leading Up to the Wedding? 

Before the wedding, you’ll want to help the groom with all things they need to prep, and whatever else they can’t. 

For one, this includes organizing the bachelor party. What the night will look like depends on the groom: what food he likes, drinks he enjoys, activities he loves and how he likes to spend his time with the bros. 

For some, it may be a day of golf followed by some cold beers outside. Others will appreciate a day bouncing from club to club, followed by a trip to a Gentlemen’s club. Finally, some guys will love a day spent at home making food, sharing drinks, playing video games and watching a movie. 

Do what you know will make him truly happy.  

Besides that, your pre-wedding work will include a lot of support: 

  • Helping them find the right tux
  • Planning a gift for him with the other groomsmen
  • Providing unending emotional support – especially when they get cold feet

Most of all, you’ll want to help out when they’re looking for their wedding ring. If they’re unsure what’s right for them, help them design a ring of their own. 

Your Responsibilities on the Day of 

The day of the wedding will require more attention, though. Your biggest responsibility will be to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, moving seamlessly from start to finish. 

First and foremost, you need to make sure the groom and groomsmen are where they need to be, at the right time. Did you throw the bachelor party the night before? That’s fun! But chances are you’re all paying for it on the morning of the wedding. 

Be the responsible one and rally the forces in the morning. This includes making sure everyone is awake, fed and hydrated (even if that requires some of the hair of the dog), in good order and ready to go. You’ll also need to make sure that everyone is dressed when they’re supposed to be, properly shaved and at the ceremony location – not still on their way, as Dave is bound to say.

You’re also going to want to welcome everyone to the ceremony itself. Get outside with yourself and whatever other groomsmen are around to thank people for coming. This includes hugs for the grandparents, kisses on the cheek for familiars and fist bumps for the kids.

groom and best man

During the ceremony, you’ll also be the one holding onto the wedding rings. Just make sure you pat your pockets several times after leaving for the ceremony and once you’re at the ceremony. You don’t want to be the one shrugging their shoulders when asked to present the rings to the bride and groom. 

Following the ceremony, you’ll have more to take care of. For one, you’ll be the first to kick off the ceremonial speeches, telling everyone what they want to hear about the groom – in the nicest way possible. While it’s good to add humor, avoid the drama!

After that, just make sure the night continues moving on, as expected. Trim the fat wherever possible and keep everyone moving, having fun and celebrating the night away. Then, once the time comes, make sure the night is properly wrapped up and everyone gets on their way safely. 

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