Why Do People Wear Silicone Rings?

Why Do People Wear Silicone Rings?

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Silicone rings are popular for a number of reasons, as both primary and backup wedding rings. With plenty of color options and a price tag that’s kind to your wallet, a silicone ring makes sense for almost any situation.

Primary or Secondary

Often when you see someone wearing a silicone ring, it’s their backup ring. If you’ve invested in an expensive wedding ring, maybe you only bring it out on special occasions. A backup ring is most often worn when traveling on vacation, working out, or if your job involves a lot of manual labor and dexterity - making silicone rings a favorite amongst nurses and construction workers alike!


It’s really hard to beat these things up. Yes, there are plenty of other durable materials out there, like tungsten, for example, but silicone holds up to all competitors.

Unlike soft metals, when silicone moves with your finger, it doesn’t stretch. It’s great for active lifestyles and can stand up to your gym workouts or time spent outdoors.

Compare Ring Materials 


Silicone wedding rings for men are a great backup ring at a minimum. If you travel often and don’t want to take a pricey ring with you (and test the limits of your insurance coverage), your trusty silicone ring does the job. If you want something you can wear on the job site, in the gym, and everywhere in between, there’s no better bang for your buck than silicone.

Silicone Wedding Rings for Men

If you lose a silicone ring or it finally meets its breaking point, you won’t go into debt to pick up another one. Lost your ring? You’ll be able to pick one up just like it before your spouse even notices. Are we advocating that you don’t tell your partner you lost your ring? We plead the fifth.


If you want something that looks good without a high price tag, there are plenty of style options in silicone. You can go the route of the classic black wedding ring for a simple silhouette if your stylings lean more minimalistic. Want some more flair? You have numerous colors and widths to choose from to make your ring stand out in a crowd.

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One of the biggest downsides of stronger metals is the fact that they won’t break. If you work in the trades or any other demanding job, you may want a ring that’s durable, but that still breaks under extreme pressure. In scenarios where the strongest metals won’t break, your hand could be at a greater risk. That and the fact that you don’t want to beat up your nice wedding ring, of course.

If you work as an electrician or in any similar field, you know the importance of a non-conductive wedding ring. Since silicone won’t conduct electricity, it’s perfectly safe to wear this on the job site. You can keep your wedding ring on safely as long as you choose a silicone ring.


Silicone rings are hypoallergenic, which is a huge plus if health complications limit your choice of wedding rings.

Maybe hypoallergenic rings aren’t your biggest concern. If you find your hands swell throughout the day after you work out or go through changing temperatures, metal bands may not be comfortable. Silicone rings stretch with your fingers, minimizing discomfort for swollen fingers while still allowing you to keep your wedding ring on all day.

Since silicone rings stretch a bit, they may start out a tiny bit small on you. You usually want to order your true size, though; if you’re in between sizes, sizing up tends to be the best choice. 

Whatever style you choose, don’t forget to consult a men’s ring sizing chart. Guys often guess on their ring size and, while silicone rings aren’t expensive or difficult to replace, why go through the hassle?

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