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It's Gettin' Hot Outside, So Let's Go Honeymoon:

It's Gettin' Hot Outside, So Let's Go Honeymoon:

Welcome back dear bro-erino. Have you missed us? Because we have missed you… In a manly fashion of course. We aren't about to try and flirt with a man headed on his awesome Summer Honeymoon… But we can offer some quick suggestions on where to go and celebrate your Best Day Ever… Right after you give our Founder's Line a quick looksie!

Life's A Beach Sometimes:

If you live anywhere within 4 hours of any coast of any country (on any planet? … No, we'll keep it to just Earth… For now), then you have likely been to the beach at some point in your manly life. Depending on how often you hit the sand, you may be wondering why such a commonplace destination is leading off a list of awesome honeymoon destinations.

The answer is simple Hoss: Honeymoon Splurges. While smaller beaches in small towns may only offer some sand and surf, major hotspots like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina have tons more to offer, both on and off the water. Whether it's renting jet skis for a thrilling zip along the ocean, hitting up Ripley's Aquarium to get your learn on, or an exciting dinner and a show at Medieval Times, the sky's the limit when it comes to attractions at the beach. So go spend some cash on you and your new spouse. You earned this!

Oooooh, Greece Lightning:

Driving to the beach not quite doing it for you? Fine bro, make us pull out the big guns. How about you and your beloved head waaay out of town, and hit up the ancient world of Greece? While you can still find some sun and sand to sink your toes into, a Summer Honeymoon in Greece is much more. Start out visiting the ancient Parthenon, or one of dozens of ancient sites, and take in the splendor of manly mankind's humble beginnings. Then, head out onto the streets of Athens, and take in the local culture, the local food, and of course, the local booze!

Sure, you will need to renew your passport (or get one to begin with), and it wouldn't hurt to pick up a few tidbits of the language (you'd really hate it if you asked for a beer, and they handed you a goat… Trust us…). But the immense and deep culture of a country like Greece is more than worth it. Adventure is great, but doing something thrilling in a land far from home, surrounded by so much history and beauty is a once in a lifetime event…. Just like your wedding. Go all out!

That's Not What I Meant By "Going Down Under"…

Like the idea of heading somewhere far from home, but not sure how well you'd handle the culture shock? Australia is where to go for an awesome "Summer" Honeymoon. We say it like that because, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you'd typically consider June-August to be Summer time. But not in Aussie Land my friend. In fact, if you hit up majestic Sydney in the middle of July, you're going to need your warm coat.

But don't let that stop you! You can still scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, check out the amazing Sydney Opera House, or go for a rough and tumble stay at a ranch in the Outback! All the adventure, none of the language barriers!

That was a lot for such a quick post… So we'll take a break, let you mull these options over, and give you a chance to picture you and your new spouse taking in the sites we mentioned… Preferably sporting a snazzy ring from our Founder's Line. If you're going to splurge for your Honeymoon, you gotta do it in style!

See you next time, here at the Manly Band's Blog!