Five of the Rowdiest Wedding Rings to Match Your Inner Skater Boy

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Sup, sk8r boi. Your outfit staples like ripped jeans and Vans are flashy, rowdy, and loud, and all that you’re missing is a wedding ring to match. Lucky for you, Manly Bands has rowdy wedding rings that make your head spin like a 1080°—so skate into our collection of rings and find your perfect match today!

The Pavement

First, we have a ring named after an element you, as a skateboarder, are very familiar with … The Pavement. This ring is made of carbon fiber, which is mad durable and lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about it taking any damage while you skate … not that you wipe out a lot, but, hey, spills happen. Wipe that dirt off your shoulder and get back on the board; your ring will be fine. And check out the color … the black pattern and brushed finish give it that “worn” pattern that’ll look so badass on your finger.

The Spark

Next, much like what your board makes when you’re doing a sick rail grind, we have The Spark. This ring is also made of carbon fiber, but it’s not your traditional ring. It’s a ring for someone who likes to stand out. This ring is loud, bro. The light sensitive glass means it actually glows in the freakin’ dark! It’s normally black but, once you turn the lights off, it glows a cool shade of blue and green that really shows off its unique braided pattern. Think about how cool that will look on your finger when you’re shredding under the lights during a night sesh. 

The Surfer

If you’re just as comfortable shredding waves as pavement, do we have the ring for you! Meet The Surfer. This tungsten ring with Koa wood and turquoise inlays with a polished finish really pops off your finger … the silver, brown, and blue colors create quite the trio. Tungsten rings are heavy, hard, and durable, so you can really FEEL them on your finger. 

This ring won’t scratch or bend, so it can take the wear and tear of a day at the skatepark, but you should take it off if you’re gonna hang ten at the beach. The wood inlay is water-resistant but not waterproof, so it’s best to keep it safe in our Manly Birch Box if you’re out on the waves. 

 The Star Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Star Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Star

Picture this … you’ve just absolutely crushed your halfpipe routine at the X Games, the crowd is going CRAZY, you’ve made it. You’re living the dream, and you’re a star. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we designed this ring. The Star is black zirconium with a red and white cerakote-filled double star engraving. 

Black zirconium rings rock, bro. They’re strong, lightweight, and durable. They won’t crack, and they even get better looking with wear and tear. The scuffs give it a unique, worn look that says “badass.” You may not be winning gold medals at the X Games but, with The Star on your finger, you’re a superstar in our eyes.

Silicone Wedding Rings

Look bro, you gotta be tough to be a skateboarder. You can’t let the scrapes, bumps, and bruises wear you down—they’re part of the process. Your ring needs to be just as tough, which brings us to our collection of silicone wedding bands. We sell three different silicone wedding rings (The Robin, The Perry, and The Best Man), and they’re available in different colors so you can mix and match with your board, Vans, or SnapBack hats. 


The Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring

The Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring

Silicone wedding bands are made from a mixture of synthetic rubber and plastic polymers, which is a sciency way of saying they are TOUGH. They’re temperature-, chemical-, and water-resistant, and they’re super flexible, so it’s the perfect ring for a tough skateboarder like you. They’re also hypoallergenic, so they won’t irritate your skin. 

A silicone wedding band can be your number one option, but, for all those reasons and their low price, they’re the best backup in the game. If you don’t wanna crush your main ring when you’re grinding on a rail, throw on your silicone #2, and you’re good to go. Well, bro, now that you’ve found the rowdy wedding ring to match your sk8board vibe, order yours today! Need any help? We gotchu. L8r, boi.

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