5 Wedding Rings for Every Personality

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The Inventor 

Your spouse-to-be could be studying their Myers-Briggs to know what their perfect wedding looks like. But what about you? Do you know what your personality type is? If you’re not obsessed with your Myers-Briggs results or your astrological sign, you’re probably better off. But we’re not going to judge! 

If anything, you know yourself—you’ve spent enough time in your body, so you better. Ask yourself: What does your perfect wedding look like? Better yet, what’s your ideal wedding ring? 

You might only think of the classic gold ring, but there’s more to it, especially if that doesn’t match your personality. If you need something different, you might be looking for custom wedding rings. 

Let us be Frank, not Manly Bands, for a second: Customizing your own ring is bomb, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some non-traditional rings as a jumping off point.

The Washington

The Washington

1. The Washington

You want something that captures your adventurous spirit, something that shows your intellect while equally promoting your fire for life. You’re the guy who goes for it every time, who knows how to fix the strangest problem, who has the exact solution when it’s needed—even if others don’t know it at the time. Damn, does The Washington hit your personality. Not only does it show off your personality, but it is a fashion statement if we’ve ever seen one. 

2. The Alder Elemental 

You’ve been an old spirit in a young person’s body your whole life. You enjoy lounging on a porch, wearing loafers, and reading a book. You’re dependable, pleasant to everyone you meet, and have these wise musings that make others think. Also, you sure do love a good Old Fashioned. The Alder Elemental is the perfect ring for you, made from carbon fiber and used Jack Daniels’ barrels. You are the definition of old-school cool, calm and collected, and this ring captures just that. 

3. The Oryx

There’s that one guy who always stands out from the crowd. He’s the one who leaves others in awe, amazed by the aura he emits, the power he shows, the mysteriousness to everything he does. The Oryx is the ring just for him. Made of black zirconium and featuring natural antlers, this ring is nothing but unique—no one of these rings looks the same due to their varied designs. If you’ve got what it takes, you need a ring like this. (That is, if you can handle it.) 

The Oryx

The Oryx

4. The Catamaran

The catamaran is a watercraft distinct for its two parallel, equally sized hulls. Its geometrical stability makes it incredibly stable, no matter how rough the waters and, wow, does it look good when conquering the waves and wind. Our Catamaran ring is no different. If you’re the man who is elegant at all moments, who is charismatic when it matters most, and who knows how to handle the roughest of tides, this ring was made specifically for you. 

Want something more unique? Create your own cobalt chrome ring that resembles The Catamaran, making it match your specific style. You make a statement—whether it's your good looks or your fly ride, you always know how to draw attention. Charisma is your middle name. (Fine, it's Franklin ... BUT NO ONE HAS TO KNOW THAT!)

5. The Inventor

You want to change the world around you. There is a mental spark for every waking moment. You are never not thinking of a way to change humanity. You are The Inventor, and you need a ring that matches your personality. Take a hint from this existing ring and create one of your own. You are an inventor, after all; you need to put those skills to the test and make something specific to you. 

Put a Wedding Ring on That Finger, Already

You’ve been in love for long enough to know that it’s time to tie the knot. Don’t wait another day to put a wedding ring on that finger. Shop our collection and find the wedding ring that fits your personality in no time. Better yet, set aside a few minutes and make the wedding ring of your dreams. 

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