Just You: 3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Truly Unique and Personal

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Traditional weddings are swiftly becoming a thing of the past, with the outdated formalities of conventional ceremonies being regularly replaced with fun and personal touches. From colorful wedding dresses to unique wedding rings, brides and grooms are putting their own stamp on their very special day (despite the possible disdain that their ultra-traditional parents might have).

So, if you’ve been thinking of ditching orthodox and monotonous for contemporary and obscure, you’re in luck, as today we’re offering up some ways on how you can break the mold on your big day to give both you and your guests an unforgettable, quirky wedding celebration that focuses on what it should be all about—celebrating you and your partner!

1. Spruce Up the Attire

Okay, so this one should start with a disclaimer: Brides, we’re not saying you need to ditch that dream white wedding dress you’ve had your eye on since you were a small girl (unless you want to, of course!). Remember, the idea is to make the day yours, so, if you want to keep the traditional elements of bride and groom attire, do so by all means!

However, even if this is the case, the attire of your immediate and wider wedding party is where you can really begin to get unconventional. Let’s be honest. Matching bridesmaid dresses are never going to please all your bridesmaids (regardless of how much they tell you they like them), so why not add your own touch by letting them pick their own stylish midi dress or shirt and skirt combo?

Extend this freedom to all your guests, encouraging them to express themselves in their outfit choices for a wedding party that best represents the individualities of all the people you love.

For the guys, remember that you need to look good too! Surely the bride will have a say in what you can and can’t wear, but it’s important that you walk down the aisle in something that you’re comfortable in and that aligns with your own personal style. A patterned bowtie or a pair of fun socks is a great way to add some spice to your look. They also make great gifts for your groomsmen, too!

The Callisto Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Callisto Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

2. Replace Tradition with Trend

If we’re being honest, the true stars of the show are the wedding rings. With their dazzling shine and sparkle, everyone wants a glimpse of ‘em—and what better way to wow your guests than by choosing the most unique wedding rings you can find!?

At Manly Bands, we pride ourselves on our wide and weird selection of rings that’ll speak to any dude’s personality. For the space geeks, rock one of our meteorite wedding rings. If you live and breathe all things sports, you’ll love our sports collection. With an array of customization options available, not only does this fresh take on wedding formalities enable you to add a splash of unique personalization to your ceremony, but it also ensures you get your money’s worth by opting for a style you’ll want to wear day in, day out!

3. Go Vintage with the Photos

Of course, professional wedding photos are a great way of capturing your special day, but these traditional snapshots are often forced and formal, with wedding parties spending hours on end getting every possible combination of bride, groom, family, friends, and pets!

With that in mind, to really capture the essence of your big day, consider distributing disposable or Polaroid cameras to your guests and letting them snap freely throughout the day. Sure, they won’t necessarily be the highest quality images (and if this is important to you, you should definitely still hire a professional), but what you’ll get in return is an array of images that capture the ins and outs of your day, seizing the true spirit of you and your guests as a result.

married couple kissing

Despite all the formalities and conventions, your big day is all about you and your significant other. As such, don’t be afraid to break tradition in favor of unique, personalized touches that make your day that little bit more special—and, with the ideas above, you’re well on your way! 


Author bio: Abi Proud is a content creator for AbayaButh—retailers of abayas, hijabs, and a range of modest Islamic clothing for women.

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