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Gifts That Keep On Giving: Introducing Manly Gifts for You and Your Crew

Gifts That Keep On Giving: Introducing Manly Gifts for You and Your Crew

Being the scholarly gentlebro you are, you have obviously read our awesome post regarding what types of gifts to give your manly wedding party. We gave you some great ideas on what types of gifts fit with each of your guys, and it got us thinking:

"Why don't we just get a collection together, and save our manly customers the effort of searching?"

Of course we listened, because we value expert opinions. So allow us to proudly introduce you to Manly Gifts, our collection of manly items to tell your best buddies how great they are, and how appreciative you are for them stepping up on your wedding day. Let's take a look!

It's OK to Be a Daddy's Boy: What to Gift Your Father/Father-In-Law

First and foremost, you need to think: What gift do I give Dad? What gift do I give my Father-In-Law?

Whether we're talking your own manly ancestor, or the bro-father that brought your spouse-to-be into existence, you owe them a debt of gratitude for all the years of hard work they have dedicated to raising you both. And while we can literally recommend any item from our list for any one of your family members or friends, this might be the moment NOT to think about booze. Dad may know just how much of a party animal you can be, so let's not remind him with something you plan for him to keep forever.

Is Dad a handyman? Does he still work his ass off every day? Is it possible he needs a bit of Hammer Time in his life? Nothing says -- "Thank you for the life you built for me. Here's something to help you build your next masterpiece." -- quite like a personalized hammer.

Or maybe your new father-in-law is the well-groomed type? The type of civilized man who cares about his appearance in a manly fashion? Perhaps The Captain shaving set is what he'd like best. It speaks volumes that you want his face to look its best, and you wanted to get him something to make that easier. It leaves a good impression, showing you care about his first impressions.

Where My Boys at?: What to Gift Your Groomsmen

Alright, we're done being polite and respectful. Let's get to some more fun ideas, and get to: What gift do I give my Groomsmen?

You've partied with them before, and the reception will be no different. So why not spoil them with The Boy's Club engraved bottle openers? You know just how many beers you and the crew have emptied over the years, so why not remind them of their role in your "Best Day Ever" every time they open a new brewski? This is one gift you know will never go to waste!

Or, for a more civilized and gentlemanly gift, The Boyscout flask is a can't-miss option. Life is rough, and you never quite know when a quick nip of the good stuff will come in handy. This personalized bit of awesome is a little something extra to give your boys, and you know what? They're worth it. I mean, they are putting on tuxedos for you. You kinda owe them.

The Best for Your Best: What to Gift Your Best Man

Under some circumstances, treating everyone equally is the proper way to go. Everyone chips in, everyone gets a piece of the pie. But not this time, bro! Not when it comes to your Best Man.

As we have discussed on here before, your Best Man has a lot more on his plate than anyone else on your side of the wedding party. Between planning your bachelor party and giving a speech, your best bro deserves a bit more when you get to gift shopping. Something like The Madmen decanter set. It tells him, "You've had my back since she said 'I will.' I'll always find time to share a drink with you after I say 'I do'." One glass for him, one glass waiting next to it for you. That is the mark of a long-lasting friendship.

Or, he might prefer our "The Best Things In Life" combination cigar holder and whiskey flask. If your best bud enjoys the occasional stogie, then what could be more fitting than a gift that combines two of life's greatest guilty pleasures? This thing just screams "You are my bro, and you deserve the best!"

And What About You?: Gifts for the Groom

I know, it may not be at the top of your list, but have you considered one of these manly gifts for yourself? Maybe you're getting matching gifts for all of your crew, so why not include one for you? Or perhaps your spouse-to-be wants to pick something special to give to you on your wedding day.

How about our Maynard's Folly pocket knife and shot glass set? A bit of practical, a bit of party, all awesome and personalized just for you.

Or, how about The Roosevelt manly accessories kit? Cufflinks, tie clip and manly money clip, all in one. Heck, there's a good chance you'll need most of those for your wedding day attire anyway. Why not dress it all up with this manly addition? Because you're worth it.

Alright bro, we have to call it quits for now. There's just too many awesome options in this collection for us to fit in one post. Maybe we'll revisit the collection in the future, with more ideas on what to gift to whom. Until then, happy shopping, and thank you for checking out the Manly Bands blog.