Five Ways to Plan a Non-Boring Wedding

If you're like most dudes, you've probably sat through at least a dozen weddings and can remember next to nothing about any of them (and not just because of the open bar). When you're just a guest, weddings all seem to include the same elements. Flowers: check. Weepy bridesmaids: check. Mediocre filet: check. DJ playing the Black Eyed Peas: check ... and yikes.

Your own wedding doesn't have to be that way. Your buddies are going to put on uncomfortable shoes, pay for hotels, and buy you place settings and towels, and in exchange, you can give them a night to remember. So whether you're doing the bulk of the planning or just weighing in on a few key areas, here are five ways to make sure your big day isn't just another wedding.

1. Reception Whiskey Tasting

Dude, you're getting hitched -- there's no better excuse to drink a bunch of booze and pretend you're being classy about it. Talk to your reception venue bartenders about setting up a whiskey bar with a half dozen or more varieties from around the world. If you're not into whiskey, do the same thing with gin, vodka or even beer. Hire a liquor expert to explain the varieties, or pick some whiskey-loving uncle from the crowd -- there's always a drunken uncle.

2. Photos With Mascot

Five bucks says your photographer will have you and your bride pose by a tree and gaze into each other's eyes at some point on the wedding day. Those photos will probably look nice, but what's cooler than cozying up to Mr. Met or the Phillie Phanatic? Some sports teams, from college to pro, hire out their mascots by the hour. For a few hundred bucks, you can arrange for the face of your favorite franchise to come to your reception and admire your new Manly Band.

3. DIY Cupcake Bar

You may have a mortgage, a retirement plan or even a couple of kids, but don't deny that you still like to play with your food. Your friends and fellow adults feel the same way, so skip the fancy-but-dry cake and go the DIY cupcake route instead. Get a bunch of plainly frosted cupcakes and create a decorating table complete with extra frosting, sprinkles, crushed candy, crumbled bacon -- the works. Let guests doctor their own desserts.

4. Reception Entertainment

Most receptions only have two forms of entertainment: dancing and flirting. But you're out of the game now, so that just leaves dancing. It's a blast, but it's the same at every reception. Set yours apart by bringing in some other kind of entertainment. Hire a magician to walk around and perform tricks, or bring in belly dancers or palm readers to wow the crowd.

Or even consider a Karaoke DJ or (KJ) to get the crowd dancing and singing. One we especially like is Kara Karaoke, in Los Angeles, who brings her love of life and music to every event. She's so crazy fun, we just had to plug her.

Don't be afraid to do something different. Just think of the memories and the photos - and it might even be less moola than a standard ol DJ or wedding band!

5. Unexpected Music

There is nothing funny about "At Last." It's a perfectly nice song, and your parents and in-laws will want to dance to it, but no one will remember it playing. Give your wedding personality with some ... less expected music. After your new spouse slips a Manly Band onto your finger, walk back up the aisle to "The Simpsons" theme. Enter the reception to the "Game of Thrones" theme or the "Imperial March" from "Star Wars" (assuming your bride loves that music too).

Basically, think beyond the list of common songs and go for the music that makes you happy or makes you laugh. Because if you're clearly having the time of your life, your wedding will automatically be memorable. And if you want to surprise your bride with a first dance to a Weird Al song, well, she's stuck with you now.

Ultimately, your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner, and you're not boring. Inject every part of the day with your own personalities to make your wedding one to remember!

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