Tips on Virtual Wedding Ring Shopping & Narrowing Down Your Options

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Dude, have you ever, like, actually looked at what you can buy online? It’s insane. There’s just SO much stuff for sale on the World Wide Web. There are ridiculously expensive toys like jets, artwork, and yachts that, even though we can’t afford them (yet), are still fun to peruse and dream about, ya know.

Online shopping and internet browsing aren’t just for looking at ridiculous stuff you can’t afford (yet again). Everybody knows how practical and convenient online shopping can be. We mean, it's 2020. It’s pretty easy to just order stuff online and have it show up on your doorstep instead of having to embark on a journey to the store that feels like a hike up Mount Doom. 

And that’s where we come in. Manly Bands allows you to order some awesome, badass wedding rings without getting off the couch! No more braving the mall crowds to try on ring after ring; simply browse and click. If you’re a little unsure of how to order one online, don’t worry, because we’re here to help you navigate the waters of online wedding ring shopping. 

Wedding Ring Sizing

When it comes to wedding rings and online shopping for other stuff like clothes and shoes, size matters. You have to know your size before ordering because wedding rings aren’t one-size-fits-all (or most). Like, you don’t just logon to the Nike SNKRS app and register for Jordan XI raffles without selecting your shoe size first. (If you have ever won a SNKRS raffle, we envy you #IfYouKnowYouKnow).

why is wedding ring size important quote

So, why is wedding ring size important? Size matters a lot when it comes to the ring’s feel on your finger. If the ring is too big, it rolls around on your finger and can even slide off unexpectedly. This is a recipe for disaster since you can easily lose your ring that way. And, if the ring is too small, it feels like it's cutting off circulation in your finger. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to get on and off. 

What you want is the smallest ring that feels good on your finger. It should take a biiiiiit of effort to get on and off, but it shouldn’t be a chore, and it shouldn't slide on without ANY friction at all. You’ll want to be able to roll it around on your knuckle, too. 

How can you find your size? Do you just take a tape measure and wrap it around your ring finger? Not quite. There are a few different ways you can find your size. First, you can mosey on to your local jewelry store and get professionally measured. This leads to the most accurate measurement, but you’ll have to brave the outdoors. *shudders* 

If you want to size yourself, you can snag one of our Manly Ring Sizers. Not only is it super-convenient, but you can actually wear the sizer for a longer period to see how a ring of that size would feel on your finger. Oh, and the Ring Sizer comes with a discount code for 20% off a future purchase. Say whaaaaat

One more thing … no matter if you size yourself or have a pro do it, take a couple of different measurements at different times of day because your finger size can change, depending on the temperature, your diet, and some other extenuating factors. 

bourbon drink wedding band

Wedding rings come in standard or comfort fit. The difference between the two is that comfort fit rings are curved on the inside while standard fit rings are flat. Most of our rings are comfort fit.  If you know your standard size, just subtract half a size for your comfort fit. Just wanted to let you know so you aren’t confused when that pops up on a ring’s page. 

What Are You Looking For in a Wedding Ring?

Now that we’ve got the size stuff out of the way, let’s start narrowing down your options. Wedding band shopping is kinda like car shopping. You have lots of different makes and models (in this case, wedding ring materials), and each offers a different look, feel, and overall experience for the driver/wearer. So you gotta know what you’re looking for. 

There are a few super-important factors you gotta consider when wedding ring shopping—like durability. If you find yourself working with your hands all the time, you need a ring that can take a punishment without breaking, scratching, or denting. If you want a super-durable ring, you should go with something made of carbon fiber, titanium, or tungsten

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Weight is another super-important factor. Some materials are so lightweight you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a ring, while others are so heavy that your finger feels like it’s wearing one of those weighted donuts baseball players use to make their bats heavier. It’s all about preference when it comes to weight—whatever floats your boat. Lighter materials include wood, Damascus Steel, and titanium while tungsten is a heavier metal. 

Color is another thing you’ve gotta consider, and there’s a loooooot of options here. Some people like the traditional gold, but you can step outside the box and get something silver, or darker, or even multicolored. Rose gold wedding bands are an excellent option for the traditionalist out there, while cobalt chrome is known for its white gold color and black zirconium is perfect for those who want something darker. Cerakote is an awesome option if you want to REALLY spice it up and add color … coming to theaters this fall, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Wedding Ring … starring you!

One other thing to consider … some dudes out there have sensitive skin and suffer from nickel allergies, meaning that they can’t wear certain types of jewelry without breaking out in a rash or hives. This is no bueno. Fortunately, there are lots of awesome wedding rings out there made from hypoallergenic materials, which is the *science* way to say “They won’t cause an allergic reaction and itch like hell.” Hypoallergenic wedding ring materials include titanium, black zirconium, silicone, carbon fiber, wood, and cobalt chrome. 

Find The Right Wedding Ring For Your Finger

Wedding Ring … or Rings??!?!

That’s right. Who says you have to order just ONE wedding ring? Lots of dudes own multiple wedding rings, these days, for a few different reasons. One, you can mix and match based on your outfits. Two, you can wear multiple rings at the same time. Some dudes pop ‘em on different fingers, but others “stack” them on top of each other on the same finger. Either works. It’s all about YOUR look, bro. 

manly bands standard line 6mm 5 the blue steel

Three, some dudes prefer to splurge on an expensive ring for special occasions like anniversaries, black tie affairs, things of that nature. Four, some dudes don’t want to rock their primary wedding band all the time, especially in instances where it could get damaged or lost. Like, you don’t wanna wear your nice ring to the beach and then lose it in the sand or dent it when you’re repping out 225 on the bench press at the gym. 

Our silicone wedding bands are the top backup wedding ring of choice. They’re super-durable, so they can be worn in just about any possible situation. Stuff like water or chemicals won’t damage it, and no physical activity is gonna cause it to break or bend. It’s also super-affordable and can be yours for one easy payment of $29.95!

Match with Your Partner 

We have LOTS of different wedding bands. If you’re having trouble deciding on one, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Go with what you know. Rather, what your partner knows. Lots of dudes love to get wedding rings that match with their partner’s. It makes sense, once ya think about it. You’re a couple and you’re gonna be matching a lot; might as well accessorize and look good at the same time. 

match with your partner quote

Let’s say your partner has a diamond wedding ring. Well, you can match with one of our shiny diamond rings like The Tony or The Night Raven. Our couples collection is perfect for those looking to match with their spouses. These rings come in matching pairs so you and your boo are always synced up. Pretty cool, right dude? 

Zig When They Say Zag 

Ya know, we never said you HAVE to match with your partner. It was just an idea. Well, here’s another good idea. Find a ring that DOESN’T match your partner’s. This can actually look really cool, and the color juxtaposition can create a nice yin/yang dynamic. Let’s show you some examples of what we mean. 

If your partner has a typical diamond wedding ring with a silver band, you could get something darker to contrast like one of our black zirconium wedding bands. Or you could go with something gold or gold plated to go against the silver. Lots of ways to get creative with it, bro. 

Custom Wedding Rings

While we’re on the subject of creativity … you can literally make your own ring with us! That’s right. We sell custom wedding rings, where we give our customers complete creative control and liberty to do whatever the f*ck they want (just about). This is the ideal option for any perfectionists out there who can’t QUITE find exactly what they’re looking for. Just make your own! It’s one of a kind, and it increases the sentimental value since you made it yourself—like how an artist feels after they finish a painting. 

Here’s how our custom ring process goes … first, you pick the band material. We have tons of different precious and alternative metals to choose from. Then, you can add a sleeve or inlay. Pick from wood, dinosaur, meteorite, gold, and a bunch of other options. This is where you can give your ring a bit of extra color and variety and flavor. 

And, finally, engravings. You can actually get stuff carved into your freakin’ ring! Dates, coordinates, initials, a short phrase, a skyline, a fingerprint, a soundwave, or anything else you can think of! Then, after you fill out the order form, you wait a couple weeks, and then bam, your custom ring shows up on your doorstep. But just a heads up: All sales on custom rings are final, but it’s still covered by one of our warranties. Speaking of that … 

Warranties and Exchange Policies

guy paying for online order with credit card

One of the few negatives about online shopping is the return process. If you need to send something back for whatever reason, it may take longer than you’d like since you can’t just hop in your car and return or exchange it at the store. Well, we here at Manly Bands guarantee that won’t be an issue because our warranties and returns/exchange policies are as simple and clear as day. We’ve got your back like white on rice. 

Let’s run through these policies real quick. Within 30 days of delivery, you can return or exchange any ring for whatever reason EXCEPT a personalized item. Sales on those are final since, ya know, they’re personalized. Any “Ready to Ship” ring comes with a free “no hassle” warranty for one year that protects against any manufacturing defects. 

And there’s also a Lifetime Limited Warranty on Founder’s Line and Gentleman's Reserve, and Custom rings that protects against any repairs, refinishes, or resealing … all you gotta do is pay for shipping. Simple enough, right?

Well, bro, there you have it. Now you’re a whiz at online wedding ring shopping, and you’re ready to pick out (or create) your dream wedding ring. Stay safe and healthy out there, bro. If you need anything else, check out the FAQ page, but you always know where to find us. See ya!

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