Manliest Ring of the Month: Why We Love Silicone Wedding Rings

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The calendar has flipped its page over once again … boy, these months are either flying by or dragging along, no in-between, are we right? And you know what that means?!? Another Manliest Ring of the Month spotlight! This month sees us highlighting our silicone wedding rings, a sturdy yet tasteful accessory for your finger.


Some guys like to match their wedding band with their personality. Makes sense, once ya think about it. If you’re a tough, rugged dude who wants a strong wedding band to match, silicone is for you because this is one of the strongest materials used to make wedding bands. 

So, why is silicone so tough? Well, it’s a mixture of synthetic rubber and plastic polymers that has many plastic properties like temperature and water resistance, flexibility, and chemical resistance. But enough science talk. All you need to know is that it’s perfect for an active lifestyle because it can take whatever is thrown its way—water, heat, physical activity, the outdoors, you name it. 

perry silicone wedding ring

The Perry Silicone Wedding Ring


Lots of dudes out there have sensitive skin or nickel allergies, which means that you can’t wear certain jewelry types without breaking out in a rash or just experiencing general irritation. This sounds miserable, right? Well, if this sounds like you, you need a silicone wedding band because silicone is hypoallergenic. This is just the official term, meaning unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Silicone doesn’t contain any metal traces and isn’t gonna cause rashes, hives, itches, swelling, or anything else like that. 

Color Options 

When it comes to style, how do you feel about color coordination? Do you like to keep it simple with just one or two different shades of your darks and lights? Or do you like to mix in different colors all at once with your shirt and pants plus accessories like your belt, shoes, and hats? No matter which type of guy you are, silicone wedding bands can enhance your look with their color options. 

Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring

The Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring

We sell three different types of silicone wedding bands. If you prefer to keep it simple with your color schemes, go with The Robin or The Perry. The Robin comes in black and gunmetal gray, while The Perry is only black. Nice and simple colors that go with everything, ya know? Play it safe. The Best Man, our third type, is available in those two colors PLUS light gray, navy, denim, and royal blues. Oh, and red! With these options, you can add a new color to your wardrobe or just keep it consistent. Whatever floats your boat, cap’n.

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We here at Manly Bands think that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get your dream wedding band. You’ve already got enough on your plate between all your necessary living expenses like rent or a mortgage, electricity, water, beer, and fantasy football league fees. If you go with a silicone wedding band, you won’t have to worry about exorbitant price tags. All our silicone wedding bands are available for a reasonable price of $29.95 … and that comes with a one-year warranty!

The Best Backup in the Game

Lots of dudes today own multiple wedding bands. Some people like to have different color options while others want something that they can wear in a bit of a rougher environment and not worry about getting their main ring damaged—like pumping iron at the gym or chillaxin’ at the beach around the sand and water. 

Well, not only is silicone an excellent option as your first stringer, it’s the best backup ring in the game. It’s a stud sixth man like Lou Williams and it’s the most dependable backup in the game—like Charlie Whitehurst or Chase Daniel. It’s always gonna be there when you need to give the starter a breather. The durability means it can take a beating and be worn when other rings can’t and can also come in handy when you want a different aesthetic. 

And, if your main ring is in the shop for whatever reason, you won’t have to walk around ringless like a member of the Browns or Bills or whatever ringless team you like making quips at. Oh, and you can even throw it on WITH your other wedding band! Stack them on top of each other on the same finger or wear them on different ones, it's your call, 2 Chainz … er … Ringz. 

Robin Silicone Wedding Ring

The Robin Silicone Wedding Ring

Well, bro, that’s why our silicone wedding rings were this month’s worthy spotlight for the Manliest Ring of the Month feature. You need anything else? Check out the FAQ page or just hit us up directly; we got the answers. Until next time!

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