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Notes From Dad: What Excites You About Marriage?

Notes From Dad: What Excites You About Marriage?

The next few months are very popular for getting engaged; that being said what excites you about getting married? Many couples feel it is the opportunity to begin a new chapter in each  other’s life; for some it is a time to make a commitment and have a person to share your life with. Talking to couples I have put together some very important and loving reasons that unite one another.

Love: Finally the chance to step out of your comfort zone, share your feelings and communicate with your mate with or without talking.

Soulmate: When you say I do, your partner becomes your  best friend, and together you begin a life where you both have each other’s back and together can explore and the challenges of what lies ahead.

Being yourself: Your partner accepts the good and the bad. Whether it is your singing, your cooking or your style of dressing, your partner has agreed to be in your life for better or worse.

Romance: Being wined and dined, sharing intimate moments, being held and loving one another is an ongoing romantic experience featuring both frequent intensity and enduring experiences that develop and enhance the flourishing of each lover and their relationship.

Sharing dreams: Dreams are a must in any life, but especially in marriage and having two incomes empower one another toward reaching that goal faster and easier. Dreams are like paste they help you both stay focused on the prize ahead.

Traditions: You can choose to make new ones or continue old ones. Sharing these with your partner brings a more loving meaning to customs and their Importance. Finally, growing old together. What a wonderful feeling knowing that you and your partner will be side by side, loving each other more than the day before. Creating memories, enjoying life and marveling at all the accomplishments that the two of you have made.

Marriage can be very exciting but always remember that the person you choose to spend your life with, takes work each day; only accepting one another for whom they are will lead you to that moment of love not only today but tomorrow and forever.