The Cowboy


We can’t legally tell you that John Wayne wore this ring (because it’s not true and also he died before we started Manly Bands), but we’re pretty sure he would have.

The Cowboy is a Stetson-hatted nod to the good ol’ days — when all you needed was a reliable horse, a jug of whiskey, and the starry night sky as your blanket.

It’s a little bit woodsy and a little bit dark. It’s basically a Bon Iver song in ring form, so you can just wear it instead of having to learn to play guitar.

Smell that? It’s the smoldering embers of your love. And it’s beautiful.

  • Tungsten Carbide and Koa Wood — Tungsten looks & feels like silver or platinum, but it’s way tougher and super scratch-resistant. Koa is a gorgeous hardwood native to Hawaii. It’s essentially the tree version of Jason Momoa.
  • Width: 8mm — A good size, and also a decent Nicolas Cage thriller from 1999.
  • Domed Design with Comfort Fit in a Glossy Finish — Comfy enough to forget you’re wearing it, until you get yet another compliment


Your wood ring is sealed with a layer of lacquer to protect it from water damage. It’s water-resistant, not waterproof — so don’t do any deep-sea diving while you’re wearing it, OK, compadre?

And while your ring won’t fall apart after a shower or two, try to remember to take it off when you’re soaping up that strong, silent bod of yours.


  • We recommend ordering your standard ring size in The Cowboy
  • Don't know your ring size? Skip the storefront jeweler and size yourself at home with the Manly Ring Sizer


  • Real F***in Classy Shipping Snugged up in a velvet ring box & delivered insanely fast by Pony Express and/or USPS
  • 60 Day No-Hassle Returns & Three Year Warranty — Don’t dig it, or need another size? Ain’t no thing but a wedding ring. We got you.


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