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What's the History?

Tungsten's origins are far different from the “precious metals” often found in rings and other jewelry. It was never mined and coveted for its shine or beauty. From back in the late 1700'S, Tungsten was seen for what it is: stronger than steel, and an incredible strengthener when added to other alloys.

This fact was made all the more clear during WWII, when both sides of the conflict put heavy pressure on Portugal (yes, Portugal... That country next to Spain that you rarely ever hear about after your 10th grade history class) to side with them, as Portugal was know to have massive deposits of wolframite ore, an excellent source of Tungsten.

Tungsten's incredible strength, yet amazing malleability, made it an ideal component for a whole host of weapons. We'd could go on and on here, but time is money, you have the internet, and most of all, you want to know what all this means when it comes to your wedding band.


What's it Feel Like?

Like we said, Tungsten is hard. Like, 10 times harder than 18K gold hard. It has the weight of a heavy weight solid gold ring. This stuff is made to take a pounding and live to tell the tale. On top of that, it is incredibly resistant to scratching. Put those together, and you have the makings of the perfect material for a working man's wedding ring.

Picture this: You've got your hands wrist deep in a hydraulic press that just won't function properly. You're swapping out the third hose of the repair, when suddenly, things start moving that shouldn't be quite yet. The safety guards kick in, and you get your hand free without too much of a squish. You're OK, but what about your ring?

Well, if your band is old-fashioned gold or silver, you may have just squished that bugger into something more “taco-shaped” than “donut-shaped.” Now picture the pressure being a bit worse, and things winding up more... Um... “Pancake-shaped.”

Yeah. Ouch.

That's the great thing about Tungsten: It will not bend. If things get bad enough (and we mean “this will require every bit of a 12-pack to recover from” bad), it just cracks and breaks apart (vice grip pliers are quite good for this task). A good thing to know if you ever have a mishap that causes a swollen finger, and you need to get your ring off ASAP.

But Tungsten isn't just strength. It can take a polish that will match any precious metal, making it just as sleek and sexy as any other ring you will find. Just take a look:


Our Range of Tungsten Rings

We here at Manly Bands invite you to take a look at our entire Tungsten Collection of manly wedding bands. We know there is more to picking out a wedding band than just finding one that looks good. It has to feel good, it has to fit good, and it has to BE good for what you need. Whether you are the lead mechanic at the shop, the head maintenance tech for the plant, or the best damned handyman in the whole house, you may need a ring that can take some punishment. Tungsten is there for you, bro.

Just start here: The Overlord. You can't get a ring that so perfectly honors one of cinema's most iconic bad-ass villains without Tungsten. That sleek, sexy shine blends with the deep, dark, menacing black carbon fiber inlay. This ring doesn't just promise the world a “Force-Choke” if they cross you, it promises to be able to take one itself.

And on the other side, you have The Peacekeeper. Solid Tungsten, with brushed metal. Silver, Blue, shiny, but subdued. This ring makes a statement, but not a loud and obnoxious one. It speaks of a quiet, but incredible inner strength, one that should not be questioned.


Nickel Allergy?

One last thing, though: It isn't the option if you're looking to avoid nickel for any reason (who said “allergy”? We didn't say that word!) While it is a minimal amount, it can be enough to illicit a reaction, so if you have an aversion, you may want to reconsider. But no, these rings WILL NOT turn your finger green. We don't play that game here at Manly bands. If you want your fingers green, do it the old-fashioned way: Gamma rays, and a lack of anger management classes.


How to Care for Your Tungsten Wedding Ring

Mild soap, water, and love. Seriously just take it off while washing your hands and give it a little soapy love and it is very happy.

... Just, try not to whack your ring against any tile floors, OK? Your manly swing + hard tile = a blow Tungsten may not survive. We all have our Kryptonite. Pliers and tile are Tungsten's version.

Don't forget to stop by our ring size guide and get your Manly Ring Sizer to make sure you know your size first. It'll save a lot of headaches and pre-wedding fights. Trust us...