Feels like a breeze and fits like a glove, these won't weight you down - which is great for a first time ring wearer who is fully frightened of having to wear jewelry everyday. We've got you bro!

Know Your Ring: Lightweight Rings

What's The History?

An in-depth study of Human History leads us to one undeniable and universal truth: We always tinker with the things we have. We are always striving to make the things we have better, easier to make, and yes, even lighter. What is true for cars and cell phones is also true for jewelry, especially Wedding Bands.

While the first rings were made of simple materials like Bone, Wood, Stone, and Iron, it didn’t take long for ancient craftsmen to start playing around with other materials. See, Wood and Bone were lightweight, but not all that durable, while Stone and Iron had the strength, and a lot of heft. And while some Manly Men needed that weight and toughness upon their Manly Hands, others had different needs.

Some men need their hands to be nimbler, more flexible. And when you put a big, heavy band on those fingers, they tend to get in the way. Once more precious metals like Gold and Silver found their way into the pantheon of Wedding Band materials, the option for more Lightweight Bands opened up.

What's It Like?

Lightweight Rings offer some of the same style and strength of their heavier comrades, without weighing down your hand. Lighter materials are often easier to work with, allowing for certain customizations that aren’t as feasible with heftier options.

Yes, you may have to give up a little bit of durability with certain materials, but that my not be a big deal for you. A whole slew of occupations and hobbies favor those with more agile hands, and don’t require you to subject your fingers (and by consequence, your wedding band) to much, if any, danger. If you spend the majority of your days at a desk, putting words to paper (or keystrokes to a word processor), you likely don’t have to worry as much about breaking your ring.

Not to mention, you have more options for thinner rings when you choose lightweight materials. We aren’t all born with massive hands, and huge fingers, so thicker/heavier rings might be a bit too much for us to sport. Yes, you want your ring to stand out… But you don’t want to look like a toddler who put Papa’s wedding band on. Sometimes, less is really more, and that is where a Lightweight Ring can be a real blessing.

Why's That Cool?

Today, not only do we have Gold and Silver, we have other lightweight materials at our disposal. Even old school materials like Wood and Antler have made a comeback, with new techniques giving those choices a bit more durability. We’re living in the age where the sky is the limit for lightweight rings.

That means men of all hand sizes have quality options for awesome, functional, and durable Wedding Bands. Titanium and Damascus Steel are amazing choices for a wedding band, but there are times their signature toughness can actually hinder just how versatile they can be. Not to mention, classic Precious Metals like Gold and Silver offer a shine and blingyness (yes, we really are using that word. #NoJudgement dude!) that even the most modern of materials can barely match. There is a reason they are still as popular as they were the first time they were used.

And you know what else having a Lightweight Ring means? You can add awesome touches like a Diamond (or two, or seven) and still have a manageable weight on your finger. Or, you can opt for a sweet inlay/inner sleeve, and not feel like you’ve got a barbell wrapped on your hand. So check out our options for Lightweight Rings, and pick the one that fits you best (and don’t forget to order our Manly Ring Sizer to make sure the ring that fits you best also fits you properly.)

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