5 Unique Wedding Bands for Every Type of Couple

5 Unique Wedding Bands for Every Type of Couple

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Don’t let our name fool you. We might be manly, but we’re equal opportunity ring purveyors, and we’ve got show-stoppers for the ladies, too. We think there’s no better way to show your bond than through a pair of unique wedding bands for couples. We’ll take you through some of the rings from our best-selling Couples Collection to help you find a badass wedding ring for the both of you.

The Hero Wedding Band
The Hero Wedding Band

  • The Hero – The Hero is for those ring shoppers who want a simple yet elegant look. You cannot beat the classic silver color and its brushed matte finish. The band is comprised of tungsten carbide, an amazing metal with double the density of steel. This type of material is great because you don’t have to worry about it getting dinged up or scratched up as much as softer metals like gold. Subtlety is sexy, right?
  • The WhizDo you like The Hero, but want to throw a taste of something more in there? The Whiz could be a solid pick for you. This band is composed of tungsten carbide (like The Hero) but throws in a hint of rose-gold-plated metal that encompasses the sleeve of the ring and peeks past the edges. While you and your loved one are wearing it, the rose gold is just barely visible, giving anyone looking at it a hint of something more.
  • The Model Wedding Band
    The Model Wedding Band

  • The Model – How many wedding rings have you seen that have the color blue incorporated into them? Since you're behind a screen and can’t answer that, we’ll assume you said “not many.” The Model is for those couples who want to strike that perfect balance between stand out and reserved. The blue color is located on the sleeve of the ring, only peeking around the edges. Use the intriguing blue to showcase how unique you two are as a couple.
  • The CEO – Screw that reserved nonsense. You two are in love, and you want people to know it (and look classy as hell while you’re at it, by the way). Be the couple to be admired, with the clean and elegant look of this 14K-gold-plated band. It offers some traditional pizzazz with the yellow gold, but when you look closer, it’s surprisingly contemporary.
  • The Gentleman – Again, don’t let the name fool you. This is a ring that can work for anyone, even gentle ladies. Do you like the idea of the Whiz, but want a little more? (But not so much more that you’re stepping up to something like the MVP or the CEO would wear)? The Gentleman is the best of both worlds. It’s made out of tungsten carbide and plated with 18K rose gold that totally steals the show. You two will look dope.

  • Don’t Want to Match Perfectly?

    Maybe you don’t want to match exactly. That’s okay—you’re a married couple, not two of the exact same people. There are plenty of ways that you can go about getting the perfect wedding band for one another while still having both bands work together. 

    The Rockstar Tungsten Ring
    The Rockstar Tungsten Ring

    The Rockstar offers a thinner look for those who don’t want anything to do with the larger rings. The Rockstar could pair perfectly with The Hero, since they both feature a simple elegance to them. Another possible matchup could be The Model and The Whiz. This could be a good way to showcase your individual personalities (with The Model standing out a little more compared to the Whiz) while still matching with the same brushed finish.

    You could also experiment with different ring sizes. Generally, the sizes are either 6mm or 8mm, but there are a few rings that come in 4mm like The Rockstar. You two could get the same exact ring, but have one be thinner than the other. There are so many different combinations that you could pull off, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

    Of course, you want to make sure that you get the right-sized ring for both of you. So, before you pull the trigger on your purchase, take a look at our Manly Ring Sizer to take the headache out of finding your ring size. Just one more thing to make your life easier!

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