Manly Ring Sizer

Buy this Manly Ring Sizer, and get an email with a discount code for 20% off the purchase of your Manly Band! This new sizer measures sizes 5-17 (with half sizes), which covers about 95% of dudes, and most women - fun for everyone! See more info on sizing below and a "how to" video from Matt.

**Please note: This item is NOT eligible for any discount codes, and it is final sale**

Sizing 101

Dude what is standard size and comfort fit size and my size?!? Here is a shortcut:

Standard size - what the jeweler will size you as, with a thin band. This tool will also give you that same answer. You want it to feel pretty snug, like it ain't going nowhere.

Comfort size - a domed-like shape inside the ring to help it hug your finger nicely. In short: more curves, less edges. This can fit slightly bigger in smaller widths, so you may need to size down a half size for 4mm or 6mm widths. See below. 

How to use the Manly Ring Sizer

Note: It's best to measure when your hands are cold, not after a Manly workout when they are likely swollen with power and ingenuity.

  1. Unscrew the chain of small rings and find one that fits comfortably snug.
  2. Shake your hand like you're waving goodbye to your future in-laws and see if it stays in place. If so, that is your standard size! If not, keep trying. You should have to twist it a bit to get it off your finger. Otherwise it will be too big.
  3. Make sure to consider whether you want to be able to spin your ring around a lot or if you want it to go on and stay on day and night and adjust your chosen size as needed.
  4. Wear your chosen size around for the next couple hours while you do manly stuff, just to make sure it is, in fact, the droid you're looking for.
  5. Head back here to buy your Manly Band. Note the sizing recommendations on all the product pages:
    -for a comfort fit ring in a 2mm or 8mm width, choose your standard size
    -for a comfort fit ring in a 4mm or 6mm width, choose a half size down

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, it all really boils down to how you want the ring to fit. Note that there should be a little resistance when taking it off. If your knuckles are big, do not size down for the smaller widths. Still nervous? Head to a jeweler and try on some comfort fit rings in 6mm and 8mm widths to feel the difference and understand how your size changes/what style you like in those widths.

Still totally stumped? check out this video below or email us: 

Please note: Ring Sizers are FINAL SALE and not eligible for return. Please pass on to a friend if you are done with yours and have no further use for it.