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Manly Ring Sizer
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Manly Ring Sizer

How to use your Manly Ring Sizer 

~by the makers of Manly Bands


Dude what is standard size and comfort size and my size?!? Here is a shortcut:

Standard size - what the jeweler will size you as, with a thin band. This tool will also give you that same answer. You want it to feel pretty snug, like it ain't going nowhere.

Comfort size - a domed-like shape inside the ring to help it hug your finger nicely. In short: more curves, less edges. This can fit slightly bigger in smaller widths, so you may need to size down a half size for 2mm, 4mm, or 6mm widths. See below.

How to use the Manly Ring Sizer-

Note: It's best to measure when your hands are cold, not after a Manly workout when they are likely swollen with power and ingenuity.

1. Pull out the small rings and find one that fits comfortably snug.

2. Shake your hand like you're waving goodbye to your future in-laws with glee and see if it stays in place. If so, that is your standard size! If not, keep trying.

3. Let's say you're feeling good with the size 10, then:

-for a comfort fit ring in an 8mm width, choose a size 10.

-for a comfort fit ring in a 2mm, 4mm, or 6mm width, choose a size 9.5.

Disclaimer: This theory above is right about 80% of the time. To be sure on sizing, head to a jeweler and try on some comfort fit rings in 6mm and 8mm widths to feel the difference and understand how your size changes/what you like in those widths.


**This item is NOT eligible for any discount codes**

This sizer goes up to a size 13, which is just a bit above average sizing.  Yes we are working on getting Manlier ring sizers that go much higher in sizing ;)


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