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Know Your Ring: Camo

A quiet early morning in the thicket. Your thick coat pulled tight around your body, working to keep both your body heat, and your manly musk, contained within. The sun is barely beginning its ascent into the sky, and some piece of your brain is trying to rationalize what could possibly cause you to wake at the... We believe this is the proper scientific term, "crack-of-ass in the morning." And that's when you see him; that 12-point buck you've been tracking all weekend.

Yeah, we know you, oh great Bronan of the Wilderness. We know what you like, what you do… And what you wear. So ubiquitous, so famous, you don't even need to use the entire word. Camo says it all. Camo (known as camouflage to those who don't walk the walk) has been around for ages, and now, we are proud to offer Camo Wedding Bands for your "Best Day Ever."

Time to step out of the deer blind dude. It's Time To "Know Your Ring!"

What's The History Of Camo?

For as long as animals have been looking at other animals and thinking "Gee, that looks tasty," nature has offered creatures ­­camouflage as a means of disguising themselves. Whether you’re talking about insects that look like sticks and leaves, hiding from predators in plain sight. Or the manly "King of the Jungle" crouching in a field of savanna grass, waiting to pounce. The concept of camo has always played a role in the animal kingdom. Over time, evolution has helped the most adept species survive by ramping up their abilities to hide.

The same is true with us two-legged meat sacks known as mankind. Long before anyone ever thought to hunt for sport or recreation, man needed to eat, and most of our meat knew how to run. It only made sense for early hunters to learn how to use the brush, mud, and foliage around them to conceal their locations, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and claim their next meals.

In time, Camo became a topic of discussion for military uses across the globe. It seems someone finally realized those bright "Red Coats" weren't exactly practical in battle since they turned soldiers into obvious bullseyes. Here's a brief article to give you a little history of the evolution of military camo applications.

Long story short: Camo is a big industry today, and has long since found its way into our everyday style options.

What Is Camo Like?

Bringing things back to talking about Camo Wedding Rings (you know, since we are Manly Bands, not Manly History Lessons), let's do some name dropping and see how many you know:

  • Mossy Oak
  • RealTree
  • Kings Camo

Yes bro, those are all words in the English language. You may have a cookie. You may have two if you recognize those as companies that lead the industry in producing quality hunting and fishing apparel, sporting incredibly stylish Camo designs on a vast array of clothing options.

And you wanna know what's cool? Those same companies are the ones providing us with our amazing line of Camo inlays. Here's a snippet from our technical team to explain how it works:

"Using sophisticated graphic design, high definition photography, and photo-realistic printing, these companies create 3-D camouflage patterns for virtually any environment. Camo patterns are printed on a specialized material with high-definition color and resolution. This printed material gets a layer of resin over the top to protect it. This resin layer is shiny and hard. As wear and scratches appear, the resin protects the camo inlay."

Yeah, for once, we aren't talking about a specific material, but rather, a process for turning incredible Camouflage images into kick-ass Camo Wedding Rings. Science!

Why Is Camo Cool?

The great thing about the Camo Wedding Bands in our Founder’s Line is how many options you have. Our partners currently offer 33 different patterns, making it virtually impossible for even the pickiest bro not to find one that he likes. On top of that, these inlays can go with nearly any of our incredible metal (and non-metal) selections, giving you even more options when selecting your ring. You can even have a diamond or other gemstone set right in the inlay, should you be so inclined. The options are (practically) endless, bro!

Yes, you do need to take extra care with a Camo Wedding Band, in much the same way you would care for one of our Wood or Antler Wedding Bands. While the resin that protects the Camo inlay is "hard and shiny" (that's what she said…), it is far from bulletproof. Sure, it can be re-polished if scratched, but you would be better served not wearing it in high-activity situations.

These are rings to show your love of hunting and the outdoors, not necessarily rings FOR hunting and outdoor shenanigans. Maybe have a secondary ring, like we've mentioned before? But don't worry, because normal day-to-day wearing and washing won't damage your Camo Wedding Ring. Just, don't be too rough on it, 'K?

And there you have it, Camo Wedding Rings, explained in a… Blah blah blah. You know what? Forget the witty outro this time. Camo speaks loud enough for itself, and it speaks to the man who wants it. Go check out what we have to offer and go find the Camo Wedding Band that fits you. Because the sun is rising, and the woods are calling. Happy Hunting, Bro.

We'll see you next time for another edition of "Know Your Ring."