These natural materials make every ring absolutely unique. No ring will ever look the same, which is what makes them wildly outstanding. (see what we did there…?)

Material Used in Antler Rings

We here at Manly Bands know that use of animal-based materials for clothing and jewelry is a touchy subject. Whether you are a proud and avid hunter or a proud and avid supporter of animal rights, the thought of an animal being poached for some tiny bit of bling is never OK.

Antlers fall off naturally for many species, often on an annual basis. Manly Bands only uses naturally and painlessly sourced antlers for our rings. We strive to make the ring shopping experience painless for you, so why would we accept causing pain for anything else? It's just the right thing to do.

The biggest difference between antler rings and most other ring materials is the variance you will find. Metal, carbon, these materials are all molded and shaped to whatever the jeweler wants to create. Most come out pretty uniform, if not close to identical to one another. But antler, that is a natural material. Just like your fingerprints are unique to only you, antlers grow with unique features and striations found only in that single sample. The flecks and marks in one piece are specific only to itself; it is one of a kind. Yes, it may be similar to the other pieces from the same antler, which are similar to the other antlers from the same animal, which look like other antlers from the same species. But that exact piece, it has it's own pattern, unique to itself alone.

A History on Antler Rings...

OK, how about FREAKING ARMOR?!?

Yes, you read that right. An ancient bear cult (that is so awesome!!) in Siberia apparently used reindeer antlers to make armor. And why not? When you go back that far in history, back to where A.D. becomes B.C. (and beyond), it only makes sense to see people using natural elements like bone and antler to build the needed tools and weapons for survival. Metalworking was only possible once the culture in question mastered the skills of mining to begin with, and you need tools to mine, don't you? So, until metal was a common commodity, doesn't it make sense to see rings and other important religious symbols being made of whatever was handy? (A &^#&ing BEAR CULT... I just... I need a moment...)

Our range of Antler Wedding Rings

For once, good bro-man, this question should have answered itself by now. Antler is unique, natural and impossible to duplicate. It is a part of the beasts around us in this world, which speaks to the beast inside us. It is pure and raw and honest.

Take a look at a few of our offerings, and see what they say to you:

The Hunter is a titanium band, set with both a koa wood inlay and an antler inlay. A striking mix of two natural elements, set against a forged metal base. Maybe that's you: threads of a true nature-lover, bound into a strong, solid and distinguished “Every-man.”

The Survivor is a a pure burl wood ring, set with an antler inlay. Free of metal, free of any of the trappings of the modern age, this ring is natural in the truest ways. (It also doesn't hurt that, being metal-free, it's amazingly hypoallergenic... nickel allergies are real.)

The Lone Wolf is a titanium ring with an antler inlay, and an inlay of camouflage. It speaks to the mysterious, the strength of the unknown. Stunning but subtle, crafted but natural, if ever there were a ring for the hunting enthusiast, this is it.

The Aspen (which we mentioned in an earlier post) is a Damascus steel ring with an antler inlay. Tough and exquisitely crafted, the natural perfection of the antler pairs awesomely with the expert craftsmanship of the Damascus steel, an amazing blend of industrial brilliance and natural beauty.

And let's not forget the Journeyman. This "new kid in town" features Tungsten Carbide with Rose Gold plating, sporting Deer Antler, Turquoise, AND a Koa wood inlay. 'Nuff said bro!

Don't forget to stop by our ring size guide and get your Manly Ring Sizer to make sure you know your size first. It'll save a lot of headaches and pre-wedding fights. Trust us...

How to Care for your Antler Ring

Before we go, we must mention this one bit of important business to ensure you properly care for your antler ring (as well as wood rings, but more on those in a later post). Full submersion in water is not recommended. While Manly Bands treats every antler ring with a water-resistant coating, it does not make them waterproof. Normal hand washing is OK, but don't go swimming with your ring on, and try to keep it out of the shower. Nature is awesome, but not always built to last eternally. Keep it dry, and you'll keep your ring safe.

So, you itching to check out an antler ring yet? Follow your instincts bro, and happy ring-hunting!

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