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Know Your Ring: Cerakote

We've talked a lot here on this site about the exterior shine, look and durability of men's wedding bands. That shouldn't be a shocker, dear bro... We friggin' sell men's wedding bands. We need to know our business, and the only way to explain how well we know our business is to talk about our business. So quit giving us the business, and let's handle the business at hand, before we have to find another way to incorporate that word into this intro.

Anyways, an important aspect of our busi ... our craft ... is knowing it takes more than just a flashy exterior to make a wedding band awesome. See, much like your spouse-to-be, we know how important it is to have something great on the inside too. So it is time to introduce one of the most bad-ass inlays you can want for you Manly Wedding Band: Cerakote.

What the ever-loving flip is Cerakote? Glad you asked, Bror, Bro of Odin. It's kind of our segue into saying our soon-to-be-patented line: It's time to "Know Your Ring!"

What's the History of Cerakote?

Cerakote doesn't have a long history. It was designed back in the olden days of 1984, originally for the firearm, knife and tool industries. It serves as a protective coating for the inner workings of a vast array of guns and... You know what, just check this video out. Are you back yet? Cool! Wasn't that exciting and manly and stimulating and ... okay, we need a minute.

Anyways, the point is this: Cerakote is a ceramic/polymer composite designed to protect metal, polymers, plastics and even wood. And that makes sense for guns and tools, but why have a Cerakote wedding band?

Because Cerakote wedding rings are durable. This inlay can survive 250° Fahrenheit temperatures, and with a 9h hardness rating (which is the highest hardness rating that can be achieved for color coatings), Cerakote is durable. Like, able to withstand 160 in-lbs of impact with no coating loss durable. Which means no, it won't just "rub off" due to normal wear and tear. Try getting that out of precious stones, or even our beloved wood. And this stuff gets even better.

What Is Cerakote Like?

See, the real reason to have a Cerakote inlay doesn't even include how bad-ass Cerakote is as a coating. It's the look. Cerakote wedding bands (meaning inlay, not entire ring. Stay focused bro. Jeez, show you one video about guns, and your mind is all over the flippin' map.) Ok, back to it. They have A LOT of color options. How many? Try more than 90. Sure, you may think there are only like, 12, maybe 15, total colors in the entire world. Just ask your spouse-to-be, and you will learn quickly just how wrong you are.

Better yet, it isn't just about the color; it's what you can do with it! Cerakote can be applied to rings with grooves, recessed patterns and on the insides of rings. Just think of how many style options that offers up, Captain Bro-Merica! You can have a sleek line/ridges forming some manly symbols on your ring, or just simple racing stripes, or an entire hidden color band lining the interior of your entire ring ... and that's just the stuff we could think to list at 1 a.m. in a caffeine-induced flurry!

Sadly, Cerakote cannot be applied to the outside of rings or on any area that takes wear ... not yet, at least. Just give the geeks in the lab coats a little longer to work all that out. This is the physical symbol of your undying love we're talking about here, not just some sweet pistol. This one is going to take a little longer to perfect. So in the meantime, let's play with all the fun tricks Cerakote wedding rings can do today!

Why Is Cerakote Cool?

Cerakote is cool, if for no other reason than for this: You get to make your ring the way you want. Rather than stay confined to some pre-designed band that might be perfect for some other manly bro but only "meh" to you - YOU get to have more control and choice.

Maybe you're the enlightened type that can spot a difference between a "Hunter Green" and a "Forest Green" and know you want Forest lining the inside of a sleek Cobalt Chrome ring. Or, maybe you want a pair of bold, bright red racing stripes etched into grooves along a sharp and shiny Black Zirconium wedding band. You can find that with a Cerakote wedding ring.

Of course ... it helps that we have a sweet new Custom Wedding Ring Order Form for you to use. Just go there, make your selections, and we will help you get the ball rolling on finding the ring YOU want, not just the ring you can find in some old jewelry case at Bubba's Pawn & Prawns ... because the seafood there sucks and might give you the runs. Trust us.

Yeah, it can be a bit intimidating to start thinking outside the ring box. And yes, it does cost a few dollars more. But, isn't the plan to be wearing this ring for the rest of your natural life, and even beyond? Doesn't it make sense to at least look at options that truly fit who you are? Then check out Cerakote, and we'll see you next time, when it's time for another "Know Your Ring."