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The Mountain Man
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The Mountain Man


You know how to build a shed in the backyard and what's more, you know a cool ring when you see one. 

Titanium or Tungsten, Zebra Wood Inlay - 8mm wide

Dome, Comfort Fit

Includes velvet double ring box and classy shipping.


30 days to return it if you don't dig it.


Sizing: We recommend ordering your standard size in the Mountain Man.

Don't know your ring size? More on sizing here.


Restocking information: We will not be restocking the titanium version. This man will be all tungsten, all the time. So if you want titanium, get it while it's hot!


How to care for your ring: Our real wood and antler rings are water resistant but not waterproof so they are not meant to go swimming. Hand washing is totally fine, but please keep him out of the pool and oceans or the wood will get ruined. Obvious submerged water damage will void your one year warranty. More on that here.

Ring Size:
$150.00 $135.00

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