3 Wedding Rings Fit for Workout Buffs

3 Wedding Rings Fit for Workout Buffs

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Are you the type of guy who lives at the gym? The man whose salary is mostly spent on workout equipment, supplements, and weekly grocery shopping to guarantee you’re staying at your fittest? The dude who physically feels like a walking sack of wet oatmeal if you don’t get a workout in each day?

If so, you’re a true workout buff—the type who lives and breathes hitting the weight rack. But here’s the thing: If you’re currently married or engaged, you might not know that it’s dangerous to wear traditional metal wedding rings. Here’s how:  

The Danger of Wearing Metal Wedding Rings While Working Out

The primary danger of wearing a metal wedding ring while working out is that it could lead to ring avulsion. This means having your finger be degloved: the skin and muscle being ripped off of your finger down to the bone. Gross, we know. Not something you want to imagine, but it’s a reality that needs to be considered. 

This can happen due to having a rigid metal ring on your finger. Due to its rigidity, the ring will have no give, flex, or wiggle room. So, if your ring gets caught on a weight machine, a cardio machine, or another piece of equipment, it could very well lead to that explosive force being exerted on your finger—which means a good ol’ degloving.

What was a mundane workout has now become a whole thing, and now you’ll be looking at surgery and many months away from the gym. But it’s not the only risk. Your ring can also be damaged on other metallic equipment, whether that is while loading plates to hit your squat PR, doing pull-ups, or crushing cardio on the rowing machine. It’s nowhere near as bad as watching your finger be degloved, but scratching and damaging an expensive, sentimental ring is no fun either. 

So, what type of rings should workout buffs wear? You can still aim for some metal wedding rings, but you should consider taking them off and storing them in a safe place while you work out—both for your safety and to protect your ring. But there is one particular ring we recommend most of all for the fitness freak.  

1. Silicone Wedding Bands  

Workout buffs often forget forgiveness while working out, leaving it for rest days alone. But you need to accept forgiveness during the most difficult workouts to stay safe. Silicone wedding bands provide just that without making you feel as if you’re taking it easy. The versatility of these rings is exceptional, as they have your back like a professional spotter. 

First, this ring will bend, twist, and flex as needed, so you can lift without having to think about ring avulsion ever again. Second, forget about scuffing, wear, and tear, as this ring won’t get beat up while lifting. Instead, you can punish your muscles without worrying about the condition of your wedding ring. 

The Perry Silicone Ring

2. Gunmetal Wedding Rings

If you have ever referred to your flexed biceps as “guns” or have ever worn a sleeveless shirt that says “sun’s out, guns out,” do we have the ring for you. Our gunmetal rings are as manly as a wedding band can get. As a color, gunmetal signifies the industrious man, the man who puts his head down and works through the toughest situations, who takes whatever life throws at him and keeps on moving. True lifters embody this spirit, working through the pain to improve themselves. A gunmetal wedding band signifies your internal spirit as a workout buff, your physical and mental toughness in the face of difficulty. And it’s a sexy-looking ring, which doesn’t hurt. 

3. Rose Gold Bands

Are you a massive, intimidating dude who is a soft teddy bear on the inside? The guy who uses that specific voice to ask his fiancée for cuddles at night, who would die if his closest friends ever heard that voice. The guy who cries at a video of a cute dog but can deadlift over 400 pounds? 

We get it, bro, we’re emotional people, too. Why not embody that with your wedding ring? You’re openly stating your love for your spouse by wearing one, so why not scream it from the rooftops? Our rose gold rings provide you with just that. Encased in a radiant rose band that still exudes the metallic shine of gold, this is the ultimate ring for the confident man. After all, real men aren’t scared to wear pink. Are you?

The Guinness Damascus Steel Rose Gold Ring

Find the Manliest Ring for Your Finger

If you’re a true workout buff, you want to exercise in peace, without any care in the world except for what sort of weight you’re putting down. Our silicone wedding bands provide you with that exact peace of mind. But are you looking for something more traditional? Shop our vast collection of wedding bands by material to find the ring that embodies your primitive, macho spirit. 


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